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Old 11-26-2008
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Angry Worst eBay/PayPal Story GUARANTEED: And urgent questions...

Long post but it's well worth it, even if for nothing more than entertainment.

Everyone has their story. Here's the short-notes version of mine. I'm 21. Years ago, about 5 to be exact, I started an ebay business selling "high risk" items (laptops). I was naive at the time and made the mistake of (well I guess the mistake was just trying to make money...apparently it's a crime...) using PayPal for high volume without having any Credit (c'mon I was 16). Anyway, that PayPal account was shut down because it "posed a risk after [PayPal] reviewed the credit report." AKA blank credit report. AKA no-go with PayPal. I got the infamous "indefinite limitation." After that, I began the pattern that every other desperate ebay seller begins-- struggling to find a way to have a PayPal account that will work with ebay to make money. Those days, we either weren't as knowledgeable about how it all worked...or maybe I was just a stupid little kid...so along the way, I racked up about 5 or 6 suspended/linked PayPal accounts--only 2 of which were under my name (the rest of the people were friends and family members that can no longer use PayPal, ever). Oops. Anyway, I finally figured out the rules, set up an account with a friend (even contracted it with him so that there would never be a claim to the funds, paid him off, and ran the ebay business. I was doing $3000 a day every day on $10-$80 items and had 4 employees. In August, I decided to go back to college after having taken time off, and the business derailed because I went from 4 employees to 1. I also wasn't concerned with repercussions - I thought that the only opportunity cost would be not making any $$, but I was very, very mistaken. I won't get into the details, but let's just say that after PayPal and eBay limitations (due to about 30 outstanding PayPal claims, because the type of product I was selling is difficult to install so I got many "Not As Described" when I was unable to provide product support), I was able to get PayPal reinstated, which reinstated ebay automatically. Then, 10 days later, ebay shut down for its own reasons - Seller Non Performance. The PayPal account is still active.

Thought I could do the old PayPal-email-change trick and use a backup account that I had prepared last year "just in case," but the account was shut down only about 2 hours after adding a credit card to open a seller account and linking to my currently-used PayPal account (with a new email address). 8 feedback on the ebay account, also, but they were mostly ebook penny-feedback, so I don't know if that matters.

Anyway, I'm working on getting the original ebay account reinstated (although I got the dreaded "indefinite suspension" email, and powerseller customer support has basically told me that the account was as good as dead...not even bothering to humor me on what to do in the "appeals" process, which seems, at this point, to just be fancy words for "yeah, so you're basically f***ed").

But here's the other part of my dilemma. Randomly this summer, after years of sporadically calling in, I was able to convince a supervisor to put my original PayPal acct. into review. It's funny because I was actually trying to get a different account reinstated...I forget why...but somehow, to my surprise, they reinstated the original PayPal account, one that was linked to the one I wanted reinstated (see "B" in the diagram below). Go figure, I have credit nowadays, so apparently now that's good enough for PayPal. Even though I had credit 3 years ago, and asked them to review, and they decided against me. And then again 2 years ago. And then again 1.5 years ago. And then least year. Whatever.

Ironically, the one that started my whole mess was reinstated in August. Good to go now, under my own name, right? Of course not. Well, at least, that's what I want to know. All the other suspended/limited accounts are STILL suspended because the 2nd limited PayPal account "owes" a balance of about $1500. Why? Here's the great part. Back in the day I sold a laptop to a guy for $1500. No problems. He buys it, leaves feedback a few weeks later, no problems. 2 months later I get emails from him saying the hard drive went and he wants me to replace it. Yeah, OK buddy. Maybe after a few days, I would. Or a week. Or 2 weeks. But 2 months? No way. So I refuse. He goes through SquareTrade and anywhere else to complain. He gets nowhere. So he files a chargeback through his credit card stating that he didn't receive the item. HA! Easy solution, right? I had tracking info., feedback from him ("Thanks...great item..." etc.), emails from him, return policy in my favor, even SquareTrade had it documented. But guess what? I passed in all the information and suddenly an investigation was prompted, and a "link" to the 1st, no-credit PayPal account was found (the one that was just reinstated a couple months ago, but that at the time was closed indefinitely).

So it's not too hard to figure out that PayPal decided not to fight the claim because it was linked to a limited account. Gotta be kidding me. Whatever, I've accepted it by now. But hilariously, even though the original "problem" account has been reinstated, it's now the 2nd account that's holding all the others as banned. If I was making money, I would just pay it off to see what happens. But now that I'm stopped in my tracks and I dropped out of school to run this business (with, now, nothing left to run), I am not sure paying it off is worth the risk.

Here's what my limitation pattern looks like. Note that A1 and A2 were under my name, A1 being the original Business no-credit account that was shut down first and A2 being an unverified personal account. The rest were other names/SSNs that were shut down/limited in the order of the arrows over the past 5 years. It took me awhile to figure out PayPal's security regime all on my own. And I made a few stupid mistakes here and there.

A1 -> B -> C and A2 -> D -> E -> F

*A1 was just reopened, F is the active Powerseller PayPal account that was linked to the ebay account that was just suspended indefinitely and the "backup" ebay account I tried to use.


1) Can I use A1 with a new ebay account, new bank account, slightly different address? If so, what precautions should I take? (Doesn't need to be in depth, I obviously know what I'm doing by this point). My worry is that a) there will be a backwards link, since B was once limited BECAUSE of A1. b) I'm worried that since A2 is still limited, that will be an issue for A1's use, since it's under my name.

2) Would all of the restrictions be lifted if I paid B's balance of $1500? I asked but supervisors wouldn't comment because they'd never seen anything like this before...and they didn't even know the whole story, just the story between A1 and B...

3) Should I just try to open another ebay account and use PayPal account F? Or will there be a link there, suspending the new ebay account? I know the general consensus is to open a new PayPal account for every new ebay account nowadays, but I'd just rather not risk it if I don't have to. And either way, what is the protocol for opening a 2nd, 3rd, 4th PayPal account under the same name (same SSN) while avoiding any damage to the original account? If that's not necessary, what IS necessary for using an old PayPal account that was once linked to other ebay names (other than clearing cookies/cache)?

4) I've looked through the forum but found no clear answer. Once and for all, what NEEDS to be done as far as IP address goes? Not "what should be done" or "what would be a good idea to do"-- what NEEDS to be done? Is it enough just to use a different computer? Is it enough to clear cache/cookies? Reformat the OS? Move to another location/use internet access elsewhere?

I'm running out of patience and starting to think I need to get off of ebay, even though I wasn't planning to do that / don't have the capital (or willingness or ability to risk) to do that right now. I'm an honest kid just trying to make a living honestly, and from the beginning, I got screwed over.

And in this forum, I feel like I'm a quasi-veteran asking other quasi-veterans what to do. But at this point, I need some guidance. It shouldn't be this difficult to make an honest living. Normally, I wouldn't ask for help, but as you can see, I've needed help on this for a long time. Anyone want to help me fix this? Anyone!? If so, reply here, or get me on AIM at "Axio Memory." Hopefully it's not against forum rules to post an AIM screen name. If so, I apologize.

Thanks. Let me know if you have any input, even if you don't have straight answers.

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Old 01-05-2011
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Default The solution is roght under your nose...

Old 01-05-2011
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Welcome to the forums - why would you respond and bring out a sleeping giant of a post from 2008?

Ha funny =) All the best though.
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