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koalawash 12-09-2007 10:00 PM

eBay's link to AOL?
Well I've heard some people on these forums mention things like how eBay really knows your true IP even if you do everything through AOL, and how they will "auto-fill" your AOL email address when you sign in to eBay and stuff like that.

However I've used AOL for multiple eBay accounts so far and none of this has ever happened to me. My theory is that those who may have had eBay detect their true IP were the ones who opened emails from ebay (rather than sticking to only the message system ON ebay). As for auto-filling the AOL email when you try to make a new eBay account.. this has never happened to me either so I really have no idea what they're talking about. So far everything has gone through without a hitch.

I do have one question though. Does anyone know if eBay really can ask AOL for your IP info or account information, if they recognize an AOL IP logging into eBay and decide to investigate? I'm asking because some people were saying that eBay is pretty much in bed with AOL now.

koalawash 12-19-2007 12:53 AM

Oh well, it was a shot in the dark if anything. I really doubted anyone would actually know this..

ebayhateluv 12-19-2007 04:36 AM

HI- I dont think its that no one wants to answer you-- We cant be sure... I personally have been on AOL, as a paid subscriber for the last 9-10 yrs, before that when Compuserve.
There is FREE aol now, but some things you cannot do in the free mode, also- i didnt want to give up my aol address from 9+ yrs.
AOL has a privacy policy just like ebay.
-- I personally use the AOL security key ring-- If you are familiar with it- Paypal just released similar last year- it is the BEST anti hack i think ive seen- the login code changes every 60 seconds-this not offered to Free members.
--as for the ip- I know when i log into aol under one email name--then use ipburger up top--it gives me my true ip, then when i logout-clear aol cache/cookies.,then log in under a different screen name-use ipburger in the address field- i still get same ipaddress-
BUT... when i use like showmyipaddress, or similar, or another it does change-I do ot think its the same all the time- as Ive had like 11 ACCTS running at once- they take out 3,4, 5 of them but not all--why?
I create 5 more with SAME aol- theyre still up---
SO-- do i think AOL ahares with ebay --- not really- aol owned by i think its Time Warner, so theyre already pretty big-
The Person on this Forum who I feel is the Expert on aol- and whom i have learned alot from is Freebayfalling, i believe--theres many threads by them, and they are very knowledgable...The avitar of this person is a white cat-with a Green mellon on its head..hope this helps.

koalawash 12-19-2007 03:53 PM

Thanks! Yeah I meant, I didn't think anyone would be absolutely sure but I was just wondering what kind of input I could get anyway. I think the user you refer to is "FeebayBalling" but he hasn't been on this forum in a really long time. :(

Throb-n-Rod 03-20-2008 11:02 PM

It dosent seam likely that ebay can get the info from aol unless the law required it or they bought or partnered with them.

EHL I feel the same way i have a couple of aol names that go back 10+ years and I have even kept a paid dial up account with my DSL but downgraded to the 10 dollar bring your own access plan the other day.

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