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Alberto 11-14-2017 10:25 AM

EBay Account Suspended Due To Business Closure
Hi all.

Had a really rough year with my Ltd business.

Long story short my business suffered about £40k of losses due to courier issues (lost & damaged parcels). It put me out of business.

Business is about to be liquidated but I want to get back on the EBay horse.

My EBay business accounts are dead owing money to EBay. Whatís the state of play?

Is it the business thatís banned or me? After all the company was a separate legal entity.

If I register a new business at a different address will It get banned?

My Business PayPal account is still open. Would it be safe to use that or register another one?


JHerald 11-27-2017 05:32 PM

Re: EBay Account Suspended Due To Business Closure
First of all, I am sad to hear about going out of business, I wish you the best of luck in the future.

1. Your business accounts with eBay are considered suspended, until the due amount is paid in full. Generally, the suspension is automatically lifted upon repayment.

You should consider paying the amount, as soon as possible, to prevent a referral to the debt collection agency Transcom or equivalent.

2. The person whose name is on the business account is prohibited from opening a new account whilst the others remain unpaid. Even if using a different name & address, your business details may link all accounts together, thereby causing only further distress when it becomes suspended and you lose profit from being unable to complete sales.

Generally, if your business is in deficit and going down the toilet, you should consider paying your debts and sorting out the issues first, which in turn allows you to begin a fresh start on eBay with your business identity and account ratings intact.

That being said, this is a stealth forum, so always consider other options, including selling on a personal account with stealth details or equivalent.

3. If your business PayPal account has been or is linked to the owing eBay accounts, linking it to a new eBay account will immediately tie a linkage and will cause issues for you. On the bright side, eBay and PayPal are now different companies, therefore owing funds to eBay should not, generally speaking, impact your standing with PayPal.

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