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UK eBay Suspensions General issues related to UK eBay suspensions

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Old 04-17-2008
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Default setting up a new ebay and paypal account in the UK

Hello everyone! May I say a very resourceful site you have here. I've been reading through many of the UK threads over the past few hours but I have a few questions about getting back in the saddle which I will post after my rant

Warning! As you can see I have ranted for a while below but my misery may provide you with some entertainment. After this experience I don't know weather to laugh or cry. It really is quite a comical state of affairs - as they say 'you couldn't make it up'.

As you may have guessed, I have been suspended by ebay after 5 years of sucessful trading. I'm not a power seller, I only sold a few items a week. I mostly used it for buying car parts, computers bits and I sold a few laptops etc. But all it took were 2 of the most stupid people I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with to purchase items from me in the same week to get me banned from ebay.

Idiot #1

This genius paid me for a laptop last Wednesday. His paypal payment was received on Wednesday evening but the cut off for the courier I use is 10pm so I didn't have time to book it in for collection the next day. I fired off a quick email saying the laptop was booked in for Friday morning with Parcelforce 24. The parcel went off as normal and all was going to plan... until first thing Monday morning.

Before even deciding to email me for an update he jumped right into the deep end and started off with an "item not received" complaint and a Paypal claim. I emailed him with a tracking number and a copy of the email I sent to him on Friday (which he clearly ignored). He sent a very rude reply threatening me with this and that for trying to steal his money. The parcel was delivered less than 2 hours later and he went quiet until later that afternoon. Then instead of an apology for the mix up he leaves negative feedback stating "Seller is a LIAR! item took 6 days to deliver".

You see in his mind, because he paid for the item on Wednesday he counts that as day 1. He also counts the weekend as working days so that amounts to his 6 days. He returned the money but now I have a negative at the top of my feedback (I only have 1 other negative from 3 years ago).

Enter idiot #2.

Allow me to preclude this with stating that this guy takes the biscuit, cake and the entire bakery along with them. Idiot is nowhere near a stong enough word to describe this man's stupidity. I have never dealt with anyone so ignorant in all my time on ebay. His emails contained no punctuation or grammar and I don't think he managed to get through a single 'sentance' without a spelling mistake. He paid me for a pair of jeans by internet bank transfer. He did this on Sunday and the money left his account on Monday. Here is a little taster for those who are still reading:

genius:hi there i have put the money in your account can you tell me when you are sending the goods regards robert

me: Hi Robert, if you did the transfer today it should be cleared by Tues or Weds so I'll send them then.


genius: hi the transfer left my account on monday why have you not send the goods out yet ok

me: Because a bank transfer isn't instant. It's like a cheque, it takes time to clear into my account.

genius: no you are wrong i run a business a transfer is instant ,you have had the money put into you account on which i can prove ,so send the goods out ok

me: No, I am not wrong. If you wish to discuss this my number is 077....etc. The money has not arrived in my account as of this morning, I expect it to arrive tomorrow.

genius: your are wrong the money as left my account on monday ,all you are doing is delaying things if you do not sort this matter out i will be contracting ebay about this ok

Lots of abusive phones calls ensue and he leaves many lengthy voicemails with colourful language.

and finally...

genius: you wana no somethink. ur a f****** c***. you need to get a f****** life and learn some f****** respect and manners ok

All this over a pair of jeans for 18.50. The money arrived the following day and I sent the jeans.

He couldn't comprehend that bank transfers between different banks take 3 working days to clear. I showed him the terms and conditions from both banks but he just kept on shouting and swearing at me in a thick Brummie accent with liberal use of the phrase "at the end of the day" and finished everything he said with 'O-KAII'. He left completely fabricated negative feedback stating that I was a liar and a theif and filed an "item not received" complaint with ebay.

Now I have 2 negatives in a row and starting to get very annoyed. I email ebay stating the facts but as usual all I get is there useless generic and extremely frustrating 'there's a good chance I'm going to kill someone' emails in reply. Bascially, they refuse to remove the feedback. Then they have the cheek to send me a warning for seller non-performance and ask me to improve.

Now I don't know what it is about kicking someone when they're down but it seems today's culture is all about jumping on the bandwagon... and negative ebay feedback is no exception!

Yes that's right folks, another buyer sees this negative feedback and starts panicing. Even though they had only paid me the day before, she immediately puts a hold on her paypal payment because she got scared of losing her money. I mean what does 315 positive feedback over 5 years count for when there are 2 fresh negatives with statments like *avoid! FRAUDSTER* written in them.

Of course Paypal limit my account and being the geniuses that they are decided to put a hold on all funds that have gone in and out of my Paypal account recently... including those shiney new digital weighing scales I've just paid for!

Cue angry seller who has already sent me the weighing scales I ordered 2 days ago and now finds out the money I sent has a hold on it. My emails to him fall on deaf ears. Yes more negative feedback is left and now a 'non-paying bidder alert' is filed against me. I'm almost ready to snap at this point. My blood is boiling, steam is shooting from my ears and all sorts of bad thoughts are running through my mind about who I want to cause severe bodily harm to first.

24 hours later I receive the dreaded 'MC063 SNPD NOTICE: Restricted Account email' aka seller non-performance. Goodbye ebay account that had been flawless for 5 years but was ripped out and discarded in less than a week thanks to 2 utter morons who would be prime candidates for the Darwin award should they ever purchase an angle grinder.

Ebay don't even give me a chance to appeal, they just say I have 30 days to pay my fees (yeah sure) and finish off any outstanding purchases but I can no longer trade under this account. Obviously my paypal account has been nuked too.

Last edited by mr_knifey; 04-17-2008 at 02:48 PM.
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Old 04-17-2008
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Well now that the rant is out of the way and I've had a chance to chow down some spaghetti, I can get back to my original reason for posting :o

I have read though mantisinc's excellent guide here:

but as I understand it, ebay have caught on and some of the methods used no longer work. Here are my questions:

1. I've changed my IP address on my home computer and signed up for a new account with a ⊗⊗⊗⊗ name. I haven't logged into my account at work because that has a fixed IP. But the thing is, at least 50 other people at my office use ebay at work and obviously haven't been banned because of sharing the same external IP as me, so surely I should be safe logging on there?

2. Phone verification. I understand that they actually want to match this to your address now. I work in the IT dept and I have access to literally 1000's of phone lines. I was hoping to use one of these to verify (same area code as my house). Any chance of this working?

3. Bank account. I've set up a savings account with my bank. It has a new sort code and account number but I still have to use my name when registering it with Paypal... this means I can't sign up to Paypal with a ⊗⊗⊗⊗ name right?

4. Address. I've modified my address a little so it's not completely ⊗⊗⊗⊗. For example:

24 High Street

has become:

24b High St. (⊗⊗⊗⊗ flat number)
Caerdydd (welsh spelling of Cardiff)
CF3 2AC (which is a valid post code for the houses across the road)

Are ebay smart enough to know this is modified? I'm confident post will still get to this address. I'm only a small fish on ebay and I like to buy and sell so need a valid address to receive items.
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Old 04-17-2008
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1. You should be okay. But there is still that chance of getting 'nuked'.

2. EBay calls to verify now. They may call and give you some numbers to verify on eBay. It may work initially though.

3. From my understanding with UK Paypal, you don't have to use your real name. Use a variation of your name and it should pass without an issue.

4. That should work fine.

You know the basics... and not a noob with it comes with things. I think you'll be fine.
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Old 04-17-2008
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Thumbs up Arrgh!

That's a lot of trouble for you. You should always ask yer buyers which
Football Club they support. Then yer will know what they are like. ROFLOL.

Good to rant as that clears your head and helps you feel better. Two suggestions for you. Become a registered supported of the forum and buy the
new Ebay Stealth Book. Read the book from end to end and make plans.
Whatever else, WAIT WAIT before you create accounts. You can make ebay
work for you again but if you rush you go down.

Would you like to put your country's flag on your profile( unless it's a leek?) And
a big Welcome to the forum.
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