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Amazon Suspensions Amazon Suspension. General issues related to Amazon Suspensions. Mostly geared towards Amazon.com.

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Old 07-30-2018
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Smile A Guide on How To Successfully Appeal Amazon Suspension

Hello guy,

I'm going to show you how I appealed successfully against Amazon suspension and I hope it will help you all too.

I sell E-Delivery goods so my work is very sensitive and I don't recommend anyone doing it. This appeal is good for those who sell genuine physical goods and simply want to reinstate their account.

Try to use your own words instead of copying mine to fit your business so it looks more genuine to Amazon staff. They are not stupid!


Here's how it started......Amazon first message of suspension!

Greetings from Amazon.

Your order defect rate (ODR) does not meet our performance target of less than 1%. As a result, you can no longer sell on Amazon uk and your offers have been removed from that site. A temporary hold has been placed on any funds from your Amazon uk sales.

Most holds are removed within 90 days, but funds may be held longer. BLAH BLAH BLAH....


My First Appeal:

Dear Sir/Madam

I'd like to appeal my suspension and I hope you can have it in you to reinstate my account.

I wasn't aware of certain techniques on how things operate. Most of the issues I had with customers and sales could have been resolved easily which I previously ignored as I wasnít aware of them at the time.

1a. What went wrong?

I was unaware of A-Z claims. I never looked at this feature and didn't realise some customers wanted a refund or returns. My listings clearly stated I was happy to refund/return items with no questions asked, but when customers asked for returns I simply ignored them and it was only because I didnít notice nor realized what the A-Z Claims feature meant. I assumed customers would contact me by an email. This is due to me being a seller on eBay and I assumed Amazon system was the same. I thought buyers would contact me direct via email for a refund.

1b. How will I fix this?
From now on I will always check the A-Z claims and I will without hesitation refund and accept customer returns without question.

2a. Why were customers asking for a refund/return and why were customers giving me negative feedback?

2b. I was sending my items Economy Second Class Non-Recorded. The buyers who complained simply didnít receive my items by post. I was hoping to save myself and them money by posting it cheapest method possible.
I will now correct this by sending all my items as 1st/2nd class Recorded and Signed-For. Iíll make sure all customers are given a Tracking Number once item is posted. This is safest and most reliable way to ensure all buyers receive their goods.

Iím hoping this will resolve any future disputes with customers. After looking at my emails from buyers the majority (3 complaints) simply complained ITEM NOT RECEIVED.

I believe all products I sell are of great quality so I will carry on listing them. I will simply improve the quality of service by keeping track of all amazon features from replying to emails quicker to looking at the A-Z claims on daily basis. I believe the above will help me greatly but most of all posting items with tracking numbers should give me no future issues.

I ask you kindly to help reactivate my account so I can try to improve myself on Amazon and I hope after this experience Iíll be able to sell without future problems.

Kind Regards


Amazon replied back next day (most sellers will get this same message below)


We received your information, but your plan is not complete. Our review of your account found the following problems.

Some of your buyers have not received their orders on time. Explain how you will prevent non-receipt and late-receipt complaints in the future.

To sell on Amazon uk, please reply to this message with your plan to address these issues. Once we receive your plan, we will review it and decide whether you may sell on Amazon uk again. BLAH BLAH BLAH...


My reply was simple and direct to the point:

Hello and thank you for replying back. Below is answer to your question "Explain how you will prevent non-receipt and late-receipt complaints in the future".

1. I'm going to increase my handling time between 3 to 4 days.
2. I will ship next working day which will allow orders to be received earlier than expected once handling time is increased.
3. I will only use Tracked Courier Services and give all customers Tracking Numbers of their purchases.
4. I will only use 2 reliable couriers. ParcelForce and DPD. They offer 2-4 days delivery service so my orders should always arrive earlier than expected to customers. They also offer Next Day Delivery which I will use for national UK orders.
5. I will ensure longer shipping time is applied on all my Amazon inventory. Something I failed to do when I first started on Amazon as I was rushing to send quickly but lacked a reliable Courier Company.
6. I'm also looking to use FBA. I have read into Amazon FBA and seems a great reliable service to have. My traget is to join FBA within 3 months once reinstated.

Please note, I have my own system regarding the administrative side of things. I log onto Amazon Central once every 3 hours to check for sales between 7am -7pm. Every 3 hours if there are sales I usually Print the Shipping Orders and start packaging and get the parcels ready by 9pm that same day. Between 7pm - 9pm my items are all ready for next day to be shipped. My Shipping hours (with Couriers) will be next day between 10am - 12pm every day.

I hope you can have it in you to fix my account and let me sell again.

Kind Regards


Next day Amazon replied to this email and reinstated my account! I'm impressed how fast they reply to all my messages!


We have decided to reinstate your full selling privileges on Amazon uk. A portion of the funds from your sales on that site will be temporarily reserved while we review your account.

The reserve will be equivalent to your gross sales amount for the preceding 14 days. Based on your order volume, the amount of the reserve may change daily.



ENJOY ALL and good luck!
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The complete step-by-step guide to get back to selling today!

Old 07-30-2018
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Default Re: A Guide on How To Successfully Appeal Amazon Suspension

Thanks for sharing, i'm sure it will prove useful.
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Old 07-30-2018
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Default Re: A Guide on How To Successfully Appeal Amazon Suspension

That looks like a Golden Post. Thank you for sharing with such great detail
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Old 07-30-2018
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Default Re: A Guide on How To Successfully Appeal Amazon Suspension

Good work! Many people will find that useful
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Old 08-07-2018
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Default Re: A Guide on How To Successfully Appeal Amazon Suspension

Good post! Keep it up, OP!
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Old 08-08-2018
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Default Re: A Guide on How To Successfully Appeal Amazon Suspension

Thanks for the account reinstate post, its brilliant and valuable.
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Old 08-09-2018
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Default Re: A Guide on How To Successfully Appeal Amazon Suspension

got my other accounts reinstated following this guide ( changing some words to fit ). Thank you very much
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SWORDFISH497 (08-10-2018)

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