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Old 10-10-2007
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Default Seller Non-performance

I'm assuming no, but does anyone know restrited accounts link the same as suspended accounts? Aspkin, maybe you know?
After paying ebay thousands, I got restricted due to excessive neutral feedback ratings. (neutral = neg) Resolved almost all neutrals, which was easy since most were not problems and I simply had to bribe the buyers with cash payments and free loot to participate in FB w/d. got it down to a 2.5% disapproval.

ebay told me if it dropped below 5%, that after my 30 day review it would be restored to full capabilities. This was a lie, and now they are telling me to resolve ALL negative and neutral feedbacks from the current date to 90 days before the restriction began. What percent of sellers have 100%, no neutrals for a 6 month period? Maybe the top 2%? Who would really bother working out any neutrals? How realistic is it to go from the bottom 5% to a perfect rating?

I must wonder: Is this some phasing out of imperfect sellers in some fascist attempt to achieve a society of what eBay (the man) deems perfect? They are the judge, jury and executioner, and work on a convoluted, inaccurate, and undefined computer driven system where customer services is and is deemed to be non-existent by most; including high ranking members of the "eBay regime." Remember the last ebay Live?

In eBays drive for shareholder profits, I only pray their insatiable greed will lead to their demise; however, this will never happen and if you play by their game, you can survive. If you don't fit their mold, you are dead. (Remember Hitler?)

In order for the restriction to be removed from your account, all
negative/neutral feedback and Item Not Received Disputes that were
placed on your account up to 90 days prior to receiving the restriction
notice, must be resolved.
Now another email:
"Restrictions will not be lifted until your customer dissatisfaction rate is brought below 5 percent."
Guess its time to dump this account. A shame too since it was at 99% positive.


Does anyone have names/addresses of eBay execs or people in charge that may read what people have to say? Maybe a webpage with this info? This just blows my mind, but I really can't say I expect more from ebay anyway.

So I need a perfect feedback rating, no negatives, no neutrals from 90 days before the restriction to the present? That is an impossible task. I have contacted all the users and some refuse. I find this impossible to understand. I was told in the initial email regarding my account restriction that " Restrictions will not be lifted until your customer dissatisfaction rate is brought below 5 percent." I was also told I would have a review every 30 days. It is WELL below 5% and has been over 35 days. Why am I getting misinformation and which is correct. I have done everything eBay has asked and am a perfectly upstanding eBay seller. I have paid my fees and catered to my customers every need and have no outstanding issues whatsoever. I am really shocked that I am being treated like this. If I knew my account could only be reinstated after a 100% positive, no negative, no neutral, FOR 90 DAYS PRIOR to the restriction, then I would not have gone through all this effort and spent all this money in the last months. This is absolutely incredible. Does eBay even know their own policy? I can't believe a company would treat someone who has paid them thousands and thousands of dollars. These thousands of dollars should be worth getting to speak with someone who actually cares about my account.
Dear Krystin,

Thank you for writing in to Safe Harbor with your concerns regarding
your account restriction. My name is Brentan and I'd be happy to assist

I have reviewed your report and I can understand your position regarding
this matter.

<<more form letters>>


eBay Customer Support
I am completely confused.

Though I am well below the 5% and only have a few non-positive feedbacks, I will still be restricted for 30 more days? What is the buyer satisfaction rating? Is this the ratio of positives to neg/neutral feedbacks? I have increased it significantly...that is why I am emailing you. Does the "appeals process" simply involve me removing non-positive feedback scores in hopes the computer system decides to change the restriction? Will this be in effect for 30 more days or 30 days from my last review (which was SEPT 5)?? Does that mean I did not pass the review?

There is nothing more I can do. I have spent lots of money in squaretrade, refunded money to everyone who had any problem and THEN some...shipped every 24 hours. Haven't even made any money this month since all profits went back to sellers and to eBay. Sorry, but this is really blowing my mind. I have a great feedback rating ( 98.8%, and even better for the last 90 days) and am a valuable asset to the eBay community with happy, repeat customers. (not happy about my currently limited selection) Why am I being treated like this?

If there is really nothing I can do about this situation, fine...let me know, but I have already read all these form letters 10 times over again so no need to resend them. I simply want to know if I should just liquidate and move on to different avenues, or if the restriction will be lifted at some point. Thanks!
Dear Kyrstin,

Thank you for writing eBay in regard to your account.

As we previously stated that our records show that you have a high
number of outstanding sales where the buyer did not receive the item or
the item was significantly not as described. Selling limits have been
implemented and will be in effect for a period of at least 30 days.
<<2 pages of Canned Form Letters>>

eBay Customer Support

Original Message Follows:

I truly appreciate your confirmation that my account's ability to sell
been limited and that this is due to "seller non-performance." And also,
appreciate confirming that reviews are on a >30 day basis. Now, is the
period just a random sort of thing, a computer decision based on complex
algorithms, or an actual humans decision? What is the longest an account
be "pending review?"

I don't have the information for the appropriate appeals process. If it
not too much trouble, would you be so kind as to forward this
Thanks so much.

> Dear Kyrstin,
> I have reviewed your account and can verify that your ability to sell
> eBay has been restricted due to violations of the eBay Seller
> Non-Performance policy. As mentioned in previous communications, the
> status of your account will not be reviewed until at least 30 days
> passed. Your account is still pending review.
> Please note that, although we will read future appeals that you send
> we may not respond to all your inquiries. Please refer to our previous
> emails for the information you need to successfully appeal this
> restriction.
> We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this matter.
> Thank you for your time.
> Sincerely,
> Merric
> eBay Customer Support
> ------------------------->
> Message: My account had an SNPC review on SEPT 5th. I have spent lots
> money and effort resolving most the negatives and now have the account
> to about 3.6% dissatisfaction, according to my calculations. Though I
> was told a review would come about each month, I have not yet seen one
> and it has been over a month and my account is still restricted.
> help!
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Old 10-12-2007
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Thanks for the response. Does anyone know restricted accounts link the same as suspended accounts?
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Old 10-12-2007
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What response?
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