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Old 07-14-2016
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Default SOS Help me please. Bout to be homeless again...

Hey my name is Justin Turner 24, I live in VA. I am having some serious issues right now. I have struggled through this year and last year in and out of homeless shelters after I lost my job after being scammed out of my vehicle. I had a past in ebay and I sold my account to my father who then got banned. is banned me for life. I gave up on the thought but Id like to note that I am very good at eBay and seems to be my calling. I recently started selling car parts, making great money. I was using one of my dads accounts he bought and was doing great until he lost his mind. The man is Bipolar and Skitzophrenic. He went into some kind of manic and drug rage and stole over $4,500 that was in his paypal account. I was saving this for a place to live because I am now staying in a one room deal and the place is infested with bed bugs. Its awful. Needless to say along with stealing the $4,500 he took his ebay back. I am devastated. I have thousands of dollars in parts still and I was selling nearly 200-300 dollars a day! I just started this venture 2 months ago too. My time is running out and I need to be able to do something with this stuff.

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I have parted out three vehicles, 2013 Dodge Journey that had a blown engine, 2005 Scion TC, and a 2003 Nissan Sentra. I'm sick and tired of being homeless, its putting a toll on me. I'm not a bad person, just got down and my family is really messed up but the only people around that will help me sometimes when he isn't strung out. Let me know.. I appreciate it.
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Old 07-15-2016
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Default Re: SOS Help me please. Bout to be homeless again...

Sorry to read your story, is there a question here or a request we can evaluate?
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Old 07-15-2016
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Default Re: SOS Help me please. Bout to be homeless again...

Wow im sorry this happened to you.
Next time you should change emails and passwords on the account and perhaps use your own bank account on the paypal.

Having an illness is never a good excuse to steal anyones money, since he had to use some intelligence to take it in the first place.

However, welcome to the forums. You are definately in the right place!
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Old 07-15-2016
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Default Re: SOS Help me please. Bout to be homeless again...

Let me know.. I appreciate it.
What are you wanting to know?
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Old 07-15-2016
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Default Re: SOS Help me please. Bout to be homeless again...

I'd put the past behind and get to grips with the future.

Your know ebay. You know cars/parts. Now read the stealth guide. Get back on ebay. But remember, ebay is real buisness, not a game. Fail to stay up to scratch with payments and delivering items on time could land you in hot water.
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Old 07-15-2016
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Default Re: SOS Help me please. Bout to be homeless again...

Welcome to the forums Jturner487 - take things step by step - learn stealth, apply it and you'll be on your feet again. Best of luck - ask your questions as needed
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Old 07-15-2016
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Default Re: SOS Help me please. Bout to be homeless again...

I strongly suggest you ask for a name change.

If you are going stealth, you do not put real info out in the world.
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Old 07-15-2016
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Default Re: SOS Help me please. Bout to be homeless again...

Man... Just change your name and leave everything you know behind.

Clearly you don't have much in life at the moment and people around are not supportive.
Take your life into your own hands and make it work- **** everybody else. You literally have nothing to lose.

Start again and take it step-by-step and set yourself small targets. Work your goals and aim high.

If you are already ****ed and homeless, just go and be somewhere where you want to be and don't get stuck in your already ****ty situation.
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