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Paypal Limited PayPal Limited Account A general forum on PayPal limitations and how to either lift them or create new accounts.

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Old 12-02-2011
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Default PayPal permanently Limited

So, I figured this was going to happen... I was running a legit eBay business, on a legit PayPal account. I had some software issues with managing my inventory and was limited by PayPal. The reasoning being excessive refunding. Yes, next time around I will managed my inventory better and I guess I can understand their reason for limiting me permanantely, maybe... Unfortunately, the eBay account linked to the now suspended PayPal account is a top-rated, powerseller account with monthly receving volumes of around 50k. Further, I was assured by PayPal that this would be taken care of and allowed money to funnel into my ac**** during the limitation -- a riskly gamble that ultimately proved to be a mistake. I now have a significant amount of money in my PayPal account, around 10k. PayPal is, of course, going to hold onto the funds because "We need to be sure we do not get chargebacks, etc... the Usual B.S. So, I have several questions out here for you seasoned PayPal vets and all advice will be much appreciated.

1. The eBay account is in excellent standing. Can this eBay account be attached to another PayPal account or will that result in the new PayPal account being suspended. If this will result in the new PayPal account being suspended, what merchant accounts should I attach to this eBay account, so I can continue doing business?

2. Since I have such a high amount of capital in the PayPal account, is there any legal action I should pursue to get this money back earlier. I obviously want the money back asap, so I can pay off my suppliers, as well as, the credit card used to purchase the goods. I have heard of some individuals being able to get money out after 60 days?

3. I know I have failed, but I have a viable business, I am going to develop better software to manage my inventory, and will get another account up and running. I am going to encorporate a business in the new tax year, so I am wondering what information to put on this PayPal account, so I can run a viable business under a legitamite PayPal account.

4. Here is the kicker: The account was registered under the SSN of a friend I used to sell with and her name. Unfortunately, I was also getting the account name changed over to my name, while the limitation occured. Thus, PayPal has my photo id, EIN of my sole-proprietorship, bank account statements, social security card, and more. Ironically, I have another account registered in my SSN, which is not limited. I am not sure wheather PayPal input the inforation I sent them into the system, since it was just for verifcation of a name change. Regardless, I know the EIN was attached to the account, so that EIN of my sole-prop on PayPal is done. I was wondering people thought of this?

5. My plan of action is to first, as everyone recommends, diversify amongst my merchant accounts. I am going to get set up with money brookers, ProPay, etc.. I plan on attaching one of these to my current eBay account so I can continue to do busines under the eBay account with the great reputation.

6. I am open to any recommendations from experts on this form in how they would handle this sitauation, and any proactive measures that should be taken at this pont.

* I am gonig to start by changing my IP address, so hopefully my other PayPal account, which runs a smaller operation, can continue to function.

Thank you!
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Old 12-02-2011
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All the best to you - I am too tired to read all of this now since I have done enough reading at work. Other folx will chime in later. Alternatively, maybe highlight, or change font or change format for me but...heh sorry I can't handle this now.
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Old 12-02-2011
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Forget the old accounts. We all have lost "valuable" accounts. I repeat go Stealth...
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