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Old 09-04-2013
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Default Paypal unfair

Hello , maybe this is not the right place but i just dont know what to do and how to do it , maybe someone can help me . Ive had my paypal account for almost 4 years . Never had a problem . recently 3 months ago i started a new business and started using paypal more and more . I sold over 60 items , only 2 of the 60 buyers said they did not receive the items . I sent paypal all the information the asked from me and suddenly this is what happened .

I lost the 2 cases , the buyers kept the money and the items , so i lost over 1200 dollars . I tried to appeal the decision , and provided all the documents they asked for and still denied , denied , denied is the only thing they say . They they limited my account for no reason , and decided to keep my money for 6 months and denied me the possibility of an explanation that makes sense . what is this ? What happen to are rights as free humans ?? I am so frustrated because basically i lost 1200 and they want to keep over 2000 for six months in my account , even tho i dont owe money to them or to any of my customers . I have 100 % feedback on my personal account ( 205 positive feedbacks , 0 negative ) , and 100 percent feedback on my ebaystore account ( 1176 positive feedback , 0 negative ) .

So what i dont understand is why they are jut blocking my business and braking my life . I believe almost 4000 dollars is alot of money for anyone . Now i dont know what to do , i cant get the money to try to keep my business working and i cant do anything about this .. Ive called over 10 times and after each time i just get an email that says appeal denied .. I dont understand what happened to our rights to receive a explanation that makes sense . How can they block my account and try to keep my money for no reason . They think that 2 people can just ruin my reputation by saying basically that im a " thief " , well thats what they are basically letting me know because they just dont have an explanation of why , they just say the believe i might be a risk for them , but i dont get why . I have over 1400 positive feedbacks , and 2 complaints of 2 individuals that said they did not receive the item , even tho i provided everything the asked for ( postal office record , police depatment report , internet report ) everything , and they just blocked my account . If this that easy ? What happened to our rights ?? Who can i talk too ? Please fellow human beings with rights , guide me because im just gonna be homeless soon since the money a used to buy my items to sell is being kept by paypal and they just said i cant do anything about it ..

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Old 09-05-2013
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You are not the first person this has happened to. Just browse around the forum. Doing a google search will show you this has happened to THOUSANDS of people.

Saying PayPal is unfair is like saying water is wet. Of course it is.

PayPal can basically do whatever they want to do, as long as it is legal.

Also, you are under a misconception regarding your rights. Yes, you have the same rights as every other citizen. But there is NO "right" to use PayPal or any other private company. Any company can decide to not do business with you, as long as they have a legitimate reason that does not run afoul of the anti-discrimination laws.

The only thing you can do is go stealth and beat them at their own game.
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An0nym0u$ (09-05-2013)
Old 09-05-2013
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I totally agree with Jeff, they are a private owned company and have the right within the law to do whatever they want.

I see paypal as a tool to get the things I want and although they are a PITA they are a huge benefit to me to even use them.

We all need to adjust to their ways and beat them at their own games by being smart.

If you owned paypal yourself you probably would be doing some of the same things.

They dont have to be fair, I am not defending them in any way but unless they break some law they can pretty much do what they want.
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Old 09-05-2013
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And we agree to them doing what they feel is right (aka what they want to do with our accounts), the moment we agree to their terms and sign up for an account to receive/send money

Originally Posted by John RHP View Post
If this that easy ? What happened to our rights ?? Who can i talk too ? Please fellow human beings with rights , guide me because im just gonna be homeless soon since the money a used to buy my items to sell is being kept by paypal and they just said i cant do anything about it ..
Here - on this forum - you can learn to get back to business under stealth form.

With regards to doing anything about it...sadly the only people you can talk to and TRY to sort all this out with is PP...thinking of ways to approach, be professional, be strong - all the best.

Last edited by TGMT²; 09-06-2013 at 02:26 PM.
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Old 09-05-2013
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When you signed up and made an account to use PayPal,you accepted their conditions.

Sadly there is no fairness in this company.

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GreenGhost (09-05-2013)

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