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Paypal Limited PayPal Limited Account A general forum on PayPal limitations and how to either lift them or create new accounts.

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Old 11-28-2014
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Default New Paypal account with same Ebay possible?

I got a warning from Paypal if I don't submit SSN/EIN asap my account will be limited next week. I have had a real account for 10+ years and no problems same with my Ebay store. Ebay sent a message if I don't update Paypal I will need to change payment method on my listings or they will be closed.

1. Is it not possible to get a new Paypal account with all new info and use that with Ebay instead? I asked about this a year ago and got this advice (I wasn't limited then so didn't have to use it) Does it sound viable?:

"just register a new paypal - new IP address, wait several days, link to your old ebay ID, move your ebay to this IP, wait few days, log in/out several times, search for few item, buy 1-2 items with this ebay/pp combination (new IP). and you are good to go. Tested, and it worked."

Does the answer depend on why an account is limited? I have never been asked for proof of anything/suspected of counterfeits/complaints etc only issue is about providing SSN which isn't really related to performance. I don't think they really want to limit me as I have been getting a warning about this for several years-it's more about them following regulations.

2. I sold 19K this year- if I am not over 20k does that mean they will not report the income? Do they only report the latest year or will they send info about past years as well (had 40k a couple years and others under 20k).

3. If I do register a business and add it to my current Paypal with an EIN will anyone come after me about paying for past years of income? Or are they not concerned with tracking down small fish like me?

4. If I get a new account is it enough to use some VPN/SSL solution to change the IP or do they have some hidden cookies on my computer/ISP data that will link it anyway?

I have had my Ebay store for 10+ years with 30K feedback so would suck to have to start from scratch...

I have read through lots of posts but still am unsure about definitive answers to these questions.. Thanks!
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Old 11-28-2014
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Default Re: New Paypal account with same Ebay possible?

It sounds like you are going way overboard here. Since this is a real account, just add your SSN. If you go over $20,000 AND 200 items, they will report your gross payments to the IRS.

That does NOT mean that you owe the taxes on $20,000. You only owe taxes on your PROFITS. So, if you profit margin is 10%, then you would owe taxes on $2,000 - which is probably $300 or so - I'm GUESSING - based on my estimate of your tax bracket.

The fact is, you owe taxes on your profits whether or not PayPal reports to eBay. To not pay those taxes is tax evasion, which we do not do here on the forums.

Why am I saying all this? Because simply adding a new PayPal account to the same eBay account will likely get BOTH accounts suspended. It will look like you are trying to commit tax fraud and eBay/PayPal will shut you down in a HEARTBEAT!

Seriously, taxes are not as scary as people think. Everyone I have spoken to says the same thing - they thought they would have to pay WAY MORE than they actually ended up paying. One woman even used the earned income credit to get a refund! This is because there are tax deductions that EVERONE gets and also deductions that you MAY qualify for based on your individual circumstances.

The last thing you want, especially at a young age (my assumption, forgive me if it is wrong) is a problem with the IRS. The IRS has been demonized somewhat - they are NOT as evil as people say. But if they think you are committing tax fraud, THEN they turn evil. And trust me, you don't want that. Saving that $300 could land you in jail for 6 months or more. I'm sure if you were in jail, you would WISH that you could pay $300 to get out!
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Old 12-01-2014
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Default Re: New Paypal account with same Ebay possible?

Can look into CCNow if you can stand to lose 5%
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