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Old 05-08-2008
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Default My experience with paypal and how i got my money back :)


I was a victim of fraud by a ebay user a while ago, they used the loophole of filing a chargeback and i lost my money thru paypal and they kept my product.

ive been in disputes with paypal for many months on this to no avail.

recently after the tv show Today Tonight a current affairs program aired a story on Ebay/Paypal and the problems with it.

that very night i decided to give one more stab at getting my money back from paypal who charged me a chargeback fee of $30 as well... here is the email i sent paypal.

the email address i sent it to was:


This is a formal letter for a demand of my funds that
were settled as a chargeback for case number
Chargeback Settlement (Unique Transaction ID

I am requesting full return of my funds including
chargeback settlement charges paypal imposed on me.

After witnessing paypal on Today Tonight on Channel 7,
i now recognize paypal and ebay as comitting fraud.

I am officially requesting money that was debitting
from my paypal account to be refunded to me, failure
to do this will enforce me to take legal action
against paypal. This is what i WILL do.

1. I will call Today Tonight and give them my official
complaint to follow up the story against ebay and

2. I will be recording my story with my mobile phone
and i will upload my video to ALL video hosting sites
including YouTube, Google Video etc..etc..

3. I will go to my solicitor and enforce a Cease &
Desist notice to paypal to return my funds, otherwise
i will file a claim with the small claims court

4. I will make an official complaint about my story
with the ACCC in australia

5. I will cancel my paypal account and forever lobby
against ebay and paypal for their bad service.

I am sick to death of PayPal not acknowledging my
attempt to get this case fairly resolved.

At the end of the day YOUR SYSTEM has a loophole,
people can purchase with paypal then file a chargeback
and i will lose my product and my paypal money.



seems harsh right, but i dont care its my money that was stolen from me.

guess what a few days later i got an email from paypal, stating that a full refund will be credited to my paypal account in the next 5 days.

they gave no explanation as to why they just said it was won in my favor (again).

as soon as the money was available i transfered it to my bank account, now they cant touch it.

it looks like if you try hard enough and persue long enough and threat hard enough you will get what you want. it worked for me.

hope this helps some people out.

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envylicious (11-02-2008)
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Old 05-16-2008
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I am new to this board and I am wondering why more peoples do not sue paypal or ebay?
I had a minor case of charge back the same way 3 month ago. I had the receipt proving was received but paypal said it was sent not through their PayPal USPS, ... so denied, ...

I went to the local county small court filing. when you are below 2500$ on a claim, the state them self sends the letter to serve the other party.

shortly after paypal representative called me, .... and I was refunded

cost 50$ to file a small claim case. Worst case scenario you play the good guy that got his money stolen, go in front of the judge tell them your story, they will have to send someone or get a judgement against them. if you want to make them feel it.

If you get a judgement against them, don't even ask them to pay for it. Go back to court and ask for a judgement summary and for an order from the judge to take the money back from them. (I'll pass on details you have to research the process but it's the same process as if you are not being refunded your rent deposit).

Once that's done give that judgement and order to take freeze any assets to the general attorney and ask him to freeze their funds, ....
He will most likely call them and ask them for the money, ...

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envylicious (11-02-2008)
Old 05-17-2008
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Default my situation in the past

I know Ebay has a new CEO but before it was the lady. Well browsing the internet and stuff, i got ahold of couple high authority email addresses. I didn't know if they were still in use but gave it a try. I had money in paypal which totaled over 6000.00 and got limited. Well, i didn't have the patience to wait 180 days so kept emailing. No response for 2 weeks. But after the 2 weeks past, I seen that my bank account had a deposit for 3000.00. So i checked the email and it was a response from Whitman. She wrote that she understands what was taking place and it was the policy to hold the money. But she had released half my funds. The other half came on the 180th day. You just have to email the write people and a human can override the computers for the stupid policies. They know what they are doing is wrong so if you keep pressing for an answer they will settle half way. And no I don't usually keep that amount in paypal, but over a 3 week vacation, the sales just added up. It don;t hurt to spam their email box.:D
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envylicious (11-02-2008)

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