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Old 05-26-2008
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Default Account suspended a year after infraction

Just had my 10 year old account suspended permanently. Here's the story:

3 years ago my GF created an account from my computer. About a year ago she dealt with a lowlife seller and got screwed and eBay wouldn't help. To top it off, this seller tarnished her perfect FB with a retaliatory negative. Seeking revenge my GF created a ⊗⊗⊗⊗ account and used it to bid on an item from this seller for the purpose of leaving negative FB. eBay figured this out a month later and suspended both accounts. My GF plead her case and eBay lifted the suspension on the condition that there would be no further incidents. We thought that was the end of it.

A week ago (11 months later) I got a suspension notice from eBay on MY account because of its tie to a previously suspended user (the ⊗⊗⊗⊗ account). 5 minutes later a suspension notice comes in for my GF's account for the same reason. I appealed my suspension, clearly explaining what happened and that I had nothing to do with the other account, also pointing out that I have a perfect 336 feedback score over 10 years. I then appealed my GF's suspension from her e-mail explaining that the account had already been suspended for this reason and was reinstated long ago. The next day eBay reinstated HER account and told me that after their investigation, mine is permanently suspended as to protect the eBay community.

Now how does any of this make sense? The account that was directly related to the infraction gets reinstated and the account that had nothing to do with it is banned. I asked eBay about it over and over and all I get is evasive answers and no explanation and the last e-mail said that they will not respond to further questions unless I can offer new information.

This is like being convicted of murder just because your gun was used, even though someone else pulled the trigger.

Obviously with eBay it's one strike and you're out and it's a waste of my time to try to appeal the case any further. I guess I will be using my GF's account and hoping that they don't suspend it again.
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Old 05-26-2008
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Ehh, that's ebay for you.

Just to be safe you should probably reset your IP addresses, and delete your cookies before you access your girlfriends account again. And don't mess with your suspend account again. Good luck.
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Old 05-29-2008
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welcome to ebays world.

It looks like your going to have to get back to the drawing board and create a new identity
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