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Old 08-08-2018
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Default Re: VPN Kill Switch For VMware WorkStation...

Originally Posted by hypothamus View Post
If I run VMWare, and use a VPN service within the guest OS of VMWare, then, every time I open that guest OS, I will be using the IP address of the VPN.
Sort of... Yes, but only if you set the VPN connection to start automatically when your VPN client is opened.... And then to open the VPN client when Windows boots you would have to put a short cut of your VPN client in Windows guest start folder...

But this has nothing to do with the topic of this thread... It wouldn't work as a Kill Switch and protect your virtual identity if your VPN connection was to drop.

Now if you were to run the VPN client on the host, and set the VM's (guest) network adapter to use a bridged connection, and you select the hosts VPN adapter to bridge to.... Then your guest would only use the VPN and it would act as a kill switch... Your VM wouldn't be able to use anything other than the VPN to connect to the internet. And as long as your host was connected to the VPN, your guest would connect to the VPN when it boots up.

Originally Posted by hypothamus View Post
If I download the freeware VMW, it only provides one simultaneous OS. If I purchase VM Workstation Pro (14), then I can have multiple simultaneous OS instances, and if I have purchased muliple VPNs, I can assign one to each OS instance insdie VMWare, and swap between screens, like moving to different physical desktops, all with its own IP address.

Am I getting this, or going down the wrong track ?
Yes, you are correct... But it's not JUST that easy....

You have to make sure your CPU is VT-d capable... Which you will have to enable in BIOS...

Don't waist your time downloading the free Player version... Just download WorkStation 14 Pro and Google "key VMware WorkStation 14 Pro"... You will find a key that works... Trust me....

Also your CPU would need about a 8 core processor in order to run multiple simultaneous instances optimally. You almost need 16 cores to do it right if you had more than 3 guests going at once plus the host.

But if you have more than one guest open.. this Kill Switch that the thread is about.. will work if you created multiple VPN adapters on the host (I havent found a way yet on a Mac host tho)... By creating additional network adapters with SoftEther Client and setting the VPN to use which ever specific adapter in SoftEther's connection settings.

I haven't found a way to do it on a Mac host, or by using a OpenVPN client, for multiple guests all open at the same time yet..

I don't really find a need to have more than one account open at a time... It sounds bad ass though... Trust me, I thought the same thing when I first read other people talk about doing it years ago.. But it's not really necessary... I ended up use google spread sheets to share all the info I need between accounts i.e. what I have listed on every account ect...

Your best bet if you wanted to run a bunch of simultaneous instances would be to do it right and build a home server running VMware ESXi on a dual CPU server board with dual Intel Xeon 8 core processors giving you 16 cores and add as many 16gb DDR3 sticks as the board will hold. You could do that for less then the price of a new Laptop with an i7 if you bought decommissioned CPU's off eBay. (just make sure they have VT-d, some of the older ones don't)

Then you could connect to the remote server on any laptop running WorkStation 14. And if you ran VPN server software on the ESXi server connected to your home network and ran a VPN client on the laptop running WorkStation, you could connect to your server from anywhere remotely...

But that topic needs its own thread...

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