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Old 03-19-2009
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Default Question about flagged addresses

Yes, I read the guide and technically this question was indirectly answered there. However I still want to make sure this is true as it seems too absurd for eBay to apply this policy in the real world.

Well here's my hypothetical scenario then - I have a linked (banned) account which used the address listed of a UPS-Store type place where they rent out mailboxes. Let's say for the sake of discussion that the address of the building was

123 Main St
New York, NY 10001

Now some people, when they get mail at this address, will go ahead and list something like "PMB #23" or whatever after the "123 Main St" to indicate which box the mail goes in, but some people just leave it out. The reason is that you can just write "123 Main St" by itself without listing a PMB number because the guy who runs the business will know which box the package goes into based on the name of the recipient's name.

Well now it seems that "123 Main St" is now considered blacklisted data for all purposes as far as eBayPal is concerned at any time in the future, am I correct? Wouldn't this mean that from now on anyone who wants to open up an eBay or Paypal account but happens to use that building for their address will just automatically find themselves banned and they won't know why?

That just seems to stupid to be for real. It's kind of like trying to kill a housefly with a shotgun or something LOL there's just a lot of unneeded collateral damage done by eBayPal's paranoid policy of blacklisting data at the drop of a hat like this.
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Old 03-20-2009
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When I use a PO Box I don't leave out my box number for my address...

I'm sure it's possible, and the business that owns the boxes will figure out where mail goes, etc but it's probably not a good idea not only for eBay and PayPal but for anything else really.

Just don't use the address without a box number and you'll be fine. A different box number is a different address, and that's all we need.

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Old 06-15-2010
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I've also wondered if:

123 anywhere lane

is considered different than

123 anywhere lane

For credit card verification, they only use the street number and zip code.

I wonder what ebay uses.
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Old 07-14-2011
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I know this topic is from 2010, but could somebody help me by answering the last question?
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Old 07-14-2011
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Originally Posted by ryanba View Post
I know this topic is from 2010, but could somebody help me by answering the last question?
It's like this. In the early days all you need to do was change your ip address to get a new account. Using the same IP address was an automatic ban, now it just raising a flag. Raise to many flag and they will limited you for verification. They had to change because with dynamic ip ever body that ever had the misfortune of grabbing you address when they signed in, would be banned for no reason.
I am sure an exact address match might be an automatic ban for a certain number of months, but eventually people move and similar address should only raise a flag.
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