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Old 07-10-2010
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Default HELP ! eBay buyer protection ..

I been selling on eBay and AMAZON.
I am really frustrated about eBay's nonsense buyer protection.
I have never won any cases in buyer's disputes so far, whenever buyer submit a dispute, eBay refund the money after all regardless buyer returns the items or not.
And the worse is, buyer always claim shipping damage, wrong product sent, sometimes buyers claim they received wrong model and giving me bogus model numbers which I never sell and never heard of.
I know these are bogus , these are scams because I sell the same products on AMAZON and I never have issues like these.
Last year, the dispute ratio on eBay is below 5%, which is ok for me, nowadays, it's a whopping 10% already.
eBay scammers are increasing utilizing eBay's nonsense buyer protection. don't want to make my story long, but how did you guys cope with this?

I don't (never) sell expensive items on eBay because of this disgusting eBay buyer protection. I sell them on AMAZON which is quite smooth, to be honest with you.

Is there a way to mandate buyer returning goods on eBay ?
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Old 07-10-2010
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Originally Posted by lyl797 View Post

eBay scammers are increasing utilizing eBay's nonsense buyer protection
Its the way eBay is set up. And as time goes on more and more people realize how easy it is. And I'm not talking outright scammers. I mean some average customers eventually realize they have carte blanche to do whatever they want and no repercussion, at all. It will just get worse. A good portion of people are starting to treat this like downloading tunes or movies. They don't see it as stealing from a person. But that's what it is. May as well reach into your car and steal your ipod, same thing. But again, some don't see it that way...

Some products are much worse than others. I don't really think there is anyway to weed these guys out I'm afraid. Checking all the various block options they have may help a little. But it would be awesome if they had a check mark for "filed 4 or more chargebacks in the last year"... But don't see that happening real soon.

EDIT: I add 5% to all my pricing for this kind of issue and to cover any other crap. When something that would spin me into a rage pops up, I always calm down knowing that in the grand scheme, it was covered... At the end of the year it may have been 8% or 3% but plus/minus a couple points is livable.

But I know that's not always a feasible option when competing is an issue. But I started doing it years ago, and at the very least, it helps with the calm.

Last edited by pod; 07-11-2010 at 12:07 AM.
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Old 07-12-2010
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ya if youre a seller and have a case opened on you they should let you see if the buyer has had 2 or more within the last 2 years.

if they targeted the people ripping off the sellers (us) as hard as they target the people making them money (us) it would be better for all of us (everyone)
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Old 07-12-2010
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One of the worst things eBay ever did was to take away the seller's ability to leave negative feedback for a buyer.

The two-way feedback system was a part of the original genius of eBay. Both bad sellers AND buyers were weeded out pretty quickly.

Now, with the one way system, buyers are free not only to rip-off sellers, but to do it as many times as they want.

Horror stories abound on the net. I even saw a post on one site where someone bragged that a great way to get a Louis Vuitton purse for cheap is to buy a ⊗⊗⊗⊗ at ioffer for $50 or less, then look for someone selling the real thing on eBay. Buy the real one, claim it is a ⊗⊗⊗⊗, and send back the ⊗⊗⊗⊗ purse in place of the real one and get refunded. VERY SLEAZY!

This not only takes money out of the pockets of an innocent seller, but can also cause them to lose their account.

The worst part is that some people don't think of this as FRAUD, which it is, but rather "smart shopping".

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Old 07-12-2010
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AGREED! They should have NEVER taken the ability to leave NEGATIVE FEEDBACK!
I had a girl back out on me for sale for $500.00!
I am unable to leave her negative and boy did I want to!
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