Right now I’m sitting in a large office building downtown watching the sunset.. don’t believe me?


I usually ‘work’ from different coffee shops around the city and world when I travel. I’m hyped up on coffee right now but I usually stick to Earl Grey tea, it’s smooth!

I started this whole Internet Marketing thing back in 2003 with my FIRST business online an eCommerce website where I sold virtual currencies for online games.

You can see that website here:


I’m not Chinese but I worked with Chinese “World of Warcraft” gold farmers for MANY years. I eventually sold that business and branched out to other money making ventures online.

I was big into affiliate marketing at this time and that’s what got me into information products such as eBay Stealth and Amazon Ghost.

I learned that I had a knack for putting information together; creating guides that people enjoyed. I created the stealth guides along with the support forums with a lot of success.

My recent venture is Six Figure Boss, a complete step-by-step blueprint to starting an online business.

I created other guides as well including Auto Blog Book and Webmaster Blueprint (Which was updated to SFB).

My family and friends think I’m a bum who MAGICALLY make money somehow…

I haven’t had a REAL job for nearly 10-years.. I am my own boss.

I make money by teach others how to make money online, whether that’s through eBay, Amazon or general internet marketing. During the process of teaching others I learn myself, that’s why I LOVE doing what I do.

If I didn’t create Six Figure Boss; I would not have learned more about internet marketing myself. I have been doing it for 10-years but I learn something new when I teach others.

I started the aspkin.com blog primarily to jot down ideas and put information I deemed valuable online. Anything that I didn’t want to forget and I found cool and interesting I blogged about it.

These days I focus on creating businesses that run on autopilot. If I find I have to physically be there to make money, then it’s not a good business venture. I’m all out automating and outsourcing as much as possible.

Apparently I think differently.

Not everyone has the business mindset, it’s only a select few individuals I have come to learn.

For Example: I created a turn key business for my brother a few years back. I setup his website, PPC campaigns and even set him up with my suppliers to where he was making money from day one!

Less then a couple weeks later he’s broke. He spent ALL his money and had no more to buy more supplies. His business was making a solid 30% return and ALL he had to do was keep buying more supplies.

This moron decided to waste ALL his money partying and it came to a point where he had no more for buying suppliers. He shut down the winning campaigns to try and save money. He traffic slowed down and long story short he was out of business just a couple weeks after that.

He had a custom built eCommerce website with my suppliers, winning PPC campaigns, the customers but his dumbass couldn’t keep it going.

As you can see it irks me to this day.

I spent time with him, built the business for him, taught him what to do but his mindset let him down.

Now I don’t try to teach people who aren’t serious enough to learn for themselves. I have people asking me about making money online ALL the time. I direct them to SFB and if they have any questions they can ask me afterwards but I won’t help before then.

The mindset and want has to be there.

I guess you could say I’ve had the mindset since I was a teenager.

If I wanted ANYTHING I was taught to work for it.

As a teenager I started my own mowing business. I made more money in one day then most people with their day jobs. Well not really, but at 13 years old I made a good amount.

Since learning how to create my first website by hand at age 14 to owning a multimillion dollar company a few years later I feel I’ve done a lot in a short amount of time.

I do what I love and that’s internet marketing.

I have been self-employed since 19-years old and I’ll continue to do what I do for as long as I can because I truly enjoy it and the freedom it brings.

Everyday I tell myself how lucky I am… it’s not about luck however, it’s about a lot of hard work.

And now the sun has gone down.. it’s been a good day.


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How I can copy from ebay sellers listing in bulk to excel file

I have spent 2 days reading the instructions on how to open an account after suspended and all the info from others.VERY helpful i have had 3 accounts suspended and even a friend of mine who helped me get started on this whole ebay selling his account was suspended because they said he was linked to me.I feel very bad for him because he was just helping me get started and even after sending them all the info they asked him to send to prove he and i were not the same people or linked they still have left him… Read more »

I know this is a 6-year old comment, but I’d like to reply to the future readers. Get in the stealth forum, read the stealth guide and you’ll be ahead of the game. At the rate we’re going, this is going to be known as the stealth forum and blog, forget eBay or Amazon.. stealth everything. Everyone can use some more OCD type friends.. https://www.aspkin.com/forums/

ali khan
ali khan

i am new victim of ebay suspension
can anyone help me?
is there anyway i can get my old account back?
ebay dont answer me….


It’s better to start from scratch, get in the stealth forums and we’ll help you out. https://www.aspkin.com/forums/



I wanted to know how current this ebay suspension info is? Have they come up with new ways to track you?

Also, I have an AOL account. So I can create another AOL e-mail address. Will they know the new email is linked to myself?

Lastly, can you reccomend any pre-paid cards to use on UK ebay accounts?

Thanks in advance.


Will the prepaid credit cards such as from Simon.com also link to a billing address we provide (make up), which is what EBAY verifies for new sellers?


Hey I followed your ebay account guide and it works perfectly. Now I wonder, can I use Turbo Lister again from my computer?


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