Tools of the Trade

Website Builders (s)

OptimizePress — You pay for it once and build as many sales pages and squeeze pages you want to build. It’s the difference between those monthly service plans with fewer options. While I like OptimizePress and can recommend it.. I find it difficult to customize. I really want something custom I build it from scratch.. but OP is a good starting point for non web-developers.

Marketing Tools

Aweber — Without an email list.. you have nothing. It took me a LONG time to realize this. The money is in the list.. it’s very true. I use Aweber but Mailchimp is good too.

Website Tools That I Use:

Clicky — It’s easy to use. Accurate. And most importantly it’s not connected to Google so you can use it on ALL your websites without having to worry about SEO troubles. I like it.

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Viktor Levitin
Hi there, I’d love to submit CrazyLister to this list if great selling tools. Because simply put all of the listing tools for eBay are dominated by clumsy installation based software that look something produced in the Windows ’95 era and are equally outdated. CrazyLister is different. CrazyLister is extremely user friendly and features the only drag and drop listing editor on the market in addition to requiring absolutely no installation or prerequisite knowledge of coding/Photoshop/or how to use anything other than the internet. Yep, it’s just that easy. We’re not just the easiest to use eBay editor, we’re also… Read more »