eBay Suspension Guide for 2008

A Simple eBay Stealth Guide: Getting You Started

As my other eBay guides have been outdated with time. I decided to create a simple step-by-step basic outline on creating an eBay Stealth account for 2008. This won’t be in great detail as I don’t want to be here all day, but it should be enough to get you going, and if you have any questions you can post them in the eBay Suspension forum.

This is based on the recent eBay guide (eBay Stealth), which goes into much more detail. To get the full guide go to http://www.auctionstealth.com.

Here are the basic steps you should take in order to create an eBay account:

1. Remove TurboLister and any other eBay programs you might have

Removing eBay software off your machine limits eBay’s ability to link you to another eBay account. For example every time you connect to eBay through TurboLister, your userid and Ip address are transmitted to eBay and compared just as if you were logging into eBay directly. Any other software eBay has does the same thing. So take my word for it and remove any eBay software from your computer before getting started. * Tip, Auctivia is a good alternative to TurboLister.

2. Get Organized

Organization should be self explanatory. It’s hard to do anything without being organized, now try taking on multiple eBay accounts, juggling IPs, cookies, passwords, etc. Save your self a lot of trouble and organize your account details with an excel spread sheet. This means names, addresses, usernames, passwords, emails, IPs, etc. Keep organized. Google Docs is free and easy to use for this.

3. New Name (LLC/DBA etc..)

You can use any name your want really. I like to use funny names. The only time it matters to use your real name is if you’re accepting checks or MO. Then just use a variation of your name.

4. Firefox + remove cookies

COOKIES! Who doesn’t like Cookies? No, I’m not talking about real cookies — I’m talking about your browser cookies. Cookies keep your login details so you don’t have to log back into a site every time you visit it. For example this forum (https://www.aspkin.com/forum/): Once you sign-in, a cookie is set on your computer so the next time you visit you won’t have to log back in. But this can work against you if you’re on eBay. Remember to delete you browser cookies if you’re working on multiple eBay accounts. One slip up with the wrong IP address without deleting cookies could link your accounts. If you just have one eBay account you don’t have to worry as much because you’re not logging into multiple accounts and cross contaminating accounts. But to be safe, use Firefox (http://en.www.mozilla.com/en/firefox/) and set it to auto delete cookies when you close your browser. Tools >> Options. Also to add you’ll need to clear your flash objects before setting up a new account.

Learn more from eBay Stealth (http://www.auctionstealth.com)

5. New IP Address (Dialup / restart modem / VPN)

Change your Ip address. I’m not going to get into too many details here. Simply find a way to change your IP address. If you’re having any issues I recommend this forum: https://www.aspkin.com/forums/ebay-tracking/

6. New Address (Virtual Address or P.O Box)

Quick and dirty, you need a new address. You can not use your old address linked to another eBay account. Use either a P.O. Box or a Virtual Address if you’re expecting people to mail payments. Or an address of a neighbor that you know isn’t on eBay or a vacant house if you’re just doing online payments. The main thing is the address should be real, and within 50-100 miles of your physical location. If you’re in Los Angeles, California don’t list your address in New York somewhere.. it looks funny to eBay and may cause future issues.

7. New Phone Number

You need a real working phone number. There are a lot of options for free phone numbers out there that forward calls to your cell phone or you can answer online, etc. I don’t want to list any here because they cease to exist too often. But in this forum you can find a phone solution: https://www.aspkin.com/forums/phone-number-verification/. Just know you need a real working number for eBay verification. You can get away with a fake number for a month or two, but eBay is calling numbers and making sure they’re real. Don’t risk a limited account; use a real working phone number.

8. Choose a Merchant account or Paypal

This is probably the biggest decision you’ll have to make. To go with Paypal, risk being linked or limited. Or go with a Merchant account and all the extra work to make it usable on eBay. Let me make it a little easier. If you’re a small seller, and you don’t have a lot of eBay accounts. Stick with Paypal. If you sell a lot, and have multiple eBay accounts you’ll most likely want to have a Merchant Account.

Paypal: Sign up for a Paypal account using a new bank account and virtual credit card. Use the same account details you have for eBay and you’re usually good to go (name & address).

Merchant Account: Sign up for a merchant account and FAX in required documents to eBay. Setup Auctivia tokens and you’re set. There are a lot of options for a merchant account and some extra steps you need to take in order for them to work with eBay. Read this forum for more information: https://www.aspkin.com/forums/merchant-accounts/. Or get all the details now at http://www.auctionstealth.com.

9. New Credit Card (virtual credit card to verify eBay)

I recommend a VCC because they’ve always worked for me. More giftcard options here: https://www.aspkin.com/forums/credit-card-alternatives/

10. Create your eBay account

Sign up for GMail account (http://mail.google.com/mail/signup). GMail is the best option for an email address. Use your new name, address and phone number to signup for eBay. Verify your eBay account. Add your giftcard for your seller account. Continue.

11. Create Auctiva Account & Create a Token For Your EBay Account

Auctiva gives you access to free themes, picture hosting, tracking, an Auctiva store, and automatic invoicing of buyers. It’s a free service that’ll save you time and money on eBay. Sign up, and create a token for each of your eBay accounts. Learn more about Auctivia here: https://www.aspkin.com/forums/ebay-tools-software/.

12. Add A Merchant or Paypal Account To EBay

Select if you’re going to use Paypal or Merchant account. EBay hides the Merchant account option so you’ll have to dig around to get to it. Learn more here: https://www.aspkin.com/forums/merchant-accounts/

13. Slowly Start Listing

Just as the title suggest, start your listings slowly. I can’t tell you how many items you can list per day because it all depends on what you’re listing. If you’re listing $1500 laptops, I wouldn’t list more then 1-2 a day max. If you’re listing High end items, you have to list slower then cheap $20 items. But it also matters on VeRO and other risky factors. Basically list based on what you think eBay would consider high risk. More and more high risk items are requiring Paypal. Use that as an indicator.

So there you have it, a basic guide to setting up a new eBay identity. This is very basic, but an outline of what should be done when creating a new account. Read the forums for more detailed information, or if you want the full eBay Stealth Guide that will show you step-by-step to creating a stealth account go to: http://www.auctionstealth.com.

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Gee Joe , I do not know the answer to that question ? I do however have another and hopefully can get an answer from Aspkin or anyone ?? Please ? I was one of those Powersellers with 100% positive feedback who was recently thrown off of ebay for a Vero violation….Frankly I did not know WHAT was wrong so I kept relisitng a designer inspired bag that I had. Nobody from ebay would EXPLAIN to me what I should take out of the description and I looked at so many others and they all seemed so similar …I took… Read more »

so even if you change around your account numbers, they still verify your account by depositing some change,so you have to use your own account. What’s the solution for that? AND, when you get ready to transfer funds from PP to your account, it would end up in the wrong place! So what’s the dealio?


Yeah… use a REAL bank account, don’t mess around a fudge anything with bank accounts.


I got linked 3 times too…but they aint say nothing about law enforcement they just sent the same emails each time..


I always have a few ebay accounts using different cc info but same address info. Now one of my seller account got suspended, obiviously they marked my ip address. However, my other 2 good accounts I have were signed up BEFORE this suspended one, I was still able to logon to the good account without changing IP. The thing is, if I start buying/selling without changing IP, will I get these 2 account suspended as well?

hi! first i would like to say – sorry about my english – im bulgarian. i was also suspended from ebay resently, i dont know why. i also didnt know they can link the accounts – so thanks about all this information now i will try to help! People – ebay mean a lot because we make money there! why u worry about fake name, fake address? as i know u have to use real surname, town and country. so change everything else. ebay and paypal dont check the rest. its so easy to make your own fake id, statement,… Read more »

I have a question….I recently got my account suspended on ebay for being linked to a suspended acount….i got caught like 3 times…this being my 3 rd time…

They said that i could be subject to law enforcment action….for violating penile code…

Am i risking being arrested if I try to open another account under your guidance?