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  8. Any one here tried paymate yet?
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  33. national merchant bancard & merchantinc
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  40. Use CCNOw for multiple accounts?
  41. ECHECK Processor
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  43. Changing your username / email on Google Checkout - open a new account?
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  45. Amazon Payments
  46. fine a new merchant account that work well with ebay
  47. How Google Checkout and paypal deal with chargebacks
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  50. Anyone use SNSCart.com???
  51. Merchant account (Takes paypal and auto invoice)
  52. Please give advise on Merchant account & business bank account
  53. Use merchant to receive payment without FAX statment of merchant to Ebay
  54. any one know how to register merchant plus/
  55. Will Ebay ask about PP when they call to verify for merchant acct
  56. about google checkout
  57. Anyone familiar with Zen Cart?
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  59. Any suggestions on Merchant Accounts?
  60. How Canadians Can open Googlecheckout account
  61. accepting payments
  62. authorize.net batch emails
  63. any one use worldpay.com before?
  64. 2CO is not allowed to sell knock off
  65. XOOM.com - PayPal alternative?
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  71. Hi, anyone think about how to Add Merchant account and Avoid fax in doc?
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  73. CCnow and Vero Items
  74. By January 2009 all payments will be integrated through EBAY Checkout
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  76. What number should I fax to eBay?
  77. Propay??
  78. 2CO wants outside of EBAY business for approval
  79. Any Merchant Accounts Without Credit Checks, SSN #s, Licenses Required, EIN ?
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  84. Securepay pipeline data processing is big ole' SCAM and a WASTE of time!
  85. merchant plus not for Canadian
  86. Free Shopping Cart
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  96. CCNOW--UPDATE--Pros/Cons- 07/2008 - CCNOW is FROWNED Upon on EBAY
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  98. PayPal account + Google checkout account.
  99. Cartmanager invoices not sent instantly? EBAY's fault!
  100. what about the funds if CCNOW suspend/close your account