Ebay Suspension / Suspended Accounts

Please note this guide is a couple years old and has been outdated with time. If  you’re looking for a solid updated guide to setting up a new eBay account after a suspension I recommend you read eBay Stealth – eBay Suspension Guide. It is written by me and kept up to date. Good luck everyone! – Aspkin

Ebay for most people is great for getting rid of unwanted items or to make extra bucks on items lying around the house — but for some people it means finical stability and freedom from the corporate world. There are people out there that depend on eBay for a large part of their business.

Hardcore eBay-ers can do thousands and thousands of dollars a day in sales and the next day have their account suspended and unable to create a new account, I would know I was one of them. Fortunately after tons of trial and error, I’m able to create new accounts even after being suspended and continue with my online businesses.

What happens when eBay suspends your account?

  • You may never use the same credit card number to register a new eBay account.
  • Your email and eBay login trigger cookies with eBay, that list you as a suspended user, and ban any eBay accounts on your network or accounts you have ever logged into.
  • EBay places cookies on your computer with all your information on it. If you try to create, or log into another eBay account. EBay will link the accounts and suspend them also.
  • Your name, address, phone number among many other personal identifying information is logged and used against you with any new accounts you create.

Way’s to get around this and to create a new account safely.

  1. Clean your computer. Delete any software from eBay that might be forwarded information to eBay aka turbo lister. Delete all cookies and logged information from your internet browser.
  2. Change your IP address, keep a log of IP address, and do not use the same one from a previous eBay account. Command prompt > type ipconfig or visit http://www.geobytes.com/IpLocator.htm?GetLocation to check your current IP address.
  3. Register a new eBay account with a different email address. Preferability a Yahoo or Gmail account. I have found, if you use your own domain to register an account, example [email protected], eBay will be able to ban your account faster as most likely only you will use this domain and eBay is not dumb.
  4. Register with a pre paid credit card that can be throw away and acquired easily.
  5. Try not to use the same information twice when registering. Example, name and address.
  6. When asked for a bank account and routing number. Change a few numbers with the account number. Just remember choose payments to be made by your credit card.
  7. There are a couple more important factors to know but I do not want to give all the secrets out. Through trial and error you’ll be able to thwart eBay and continue with your business. Just remember never use the same information twice, especially your IP address and always remember to delete your cookies and never log into old banned accounts.

On a side note… the reasons I have been suspended were mostly stupid. My auctions would either be all images; sorry I like them to look nice. Or have a link to one of my websites, which is also bad. These are horrible reason to kill someone’s business. The good thing about it is, every time eBay bans one of my accounts. They lose out on hundreds of dollars in revenue. Why pay after they ban you?

Want to learn how to get back on eBay and stay on? I wrote a complete step by step guide called ‘eBay Stealth‘ that will show you how to safely and easily get back on eBay and PayPal and stay on! If you have been suspended by eBay and you don’t know what to do, then you need to read my guide.

Good luck!

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  • Ian


    I got suspended because I had a suspended account (owed money) and used another account to sell. They suspended 2 of my accounts, then I went to the original suspended account paid the balance and that was automatically reinstated, now if you use the reinstated account an I in danger of getting suspended again?


  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin

    If you paid your balance and they reinstated your account, you shouldn’t have a problem as long as you follow their rules and pay your balance on time. :)

    Though if you do something wrong or not pay your balance again they may not reinstate you the second time and both your accounts would be lost. If I were you I would only use one account at a time.

    If they do ban you again, simply change your IP address, delete your cookies, and sign up again using a different credit card number and email address. Remember not to log into an account that is currently banned or log into more then one account at a time with the same IP address. If you do so, eBay will link those accounts together by your IP address and if something happens to one account, it will happen to the other like in your case.

  • Tommy

    Hi, great information here. I just have a question that may be a stupid question to some, but here it goes……….how in the heck do I change my IP address?

  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin

    It depends what kind of ISP you have, like dial ups are always different IP address every time you connect. Cable modems stay the same until you reset your modem. Simply unplug the power source and let it set for a couple minutes and plug it back in. DSL modems are basically the same too.

    If that doesn’t work, go to start > run and type in cmd and then type in: ipconfig /release

    Then try resetting your modem again.

    To view your current IP address type in the cmd “ipconfig” or a website I like to use http://www.geobytes.com/IpLocator.htm?GetLocation

    Hope this helps.

  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin

    With Turbo Lister you can export your auctions to an excel .csv sheet and and import them when you’re ready. That’s what I do! :)

  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin

    Oh and if you just change the user when connecting, I believe that’s okay.. but I wouldn’t risk it. Just save your info to an excel sheet and reinstall Turbo Lister. Once installed you can just import all your auctions and you’re good to go. Just make sure to change the auctions around, its easier to do this with excel, example the payment email address. If you use paypal you’ll want to use a different email address. Just add a different email address to your paypal account and have payments sent to that. Good Luck.

  • ken

    hello aspkin, thanks for the info. but in relation to the turbo lister, I have a lot of template save, any way to salvage that to save work. could I still use it as long as I log in as different user or save the templates and reinstal the turbo lister fresh and reimport the fils/templates ? any advice would be appreicated. thanks again. ken

  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin

    Yep you’re correct, eBay will try to take payments from the credit card on file, but I always use prepaid cards with a max balance of $10 when I register a new account. So when eBay tries to take your payment it gets a denied credit message, and they’re basically screwed. I would normally pay the balance from my PayPal account before it goes for my credit card though, but that’s only when my account is in good standing.

    And yes Paypal is part of eBay, but they do not share the same systems. That’s their only weakness, and until they’re linked together, sharing the same information, IP address, credit card numbers and other personal information we’re free to start over in eBay with little to no problem from Paypal. To answer your question, your paypal account will not be suspended if your eBay account is suspended.

    Be Good!

  • tinx

    if your acc is suspended you don’t need to pay the balance??
    what if ebay take the money from your cc that was stored in their database??
    and will they close our paypal acc too? because paypal and ebay is under the same company.

  • tinx

    i should find a prepaid cc here in oz ! :D
    never heard of it before.
    but i’m sure it’s exist.
    thx for that :)

  • Lyd

    I am starting a new ebay account. Can I use my same paypal info for accepting payments?

  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin

    Paypal information yes, but Paypal email address no. You must add a new email address to your Paypal account and have your payments sent there from eBay. Trust me! :)

  • D

    ok say i have been suspended and open a new account, new name. what happens if i buy something and i get scammed? If you approach ebay for compensation will they automatically know that something is suspicious about your new account?

  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin

    Hi D,

    I don’t see why they would get suspicious, out of everything you do to create a new account, the only thing to worry about is your name and address if it doesn’t match your credit card, but it’s not like eBay has anything against you at this point and are trying to suspend you, they’re trying to help you with your scammer. They won’t worry about anything else.


  • Jeff Hozzy

    I have had my 4 accounts suspended over the weekend but my wife operates an account (different email and paypal and credit card) but it is on our same computer home network so how is it she has not been busted since our IP’s must be the same right? Please help as I am worried!

  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin

    Hi Jeff,

    If you guys are using the same IP address, then her account will be banned if not banned already. Let me know what happens.


  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin

    Hi Jeff,

    The only way for it to work out is to share your time online. You guys can’t log into your accounts at the same time using the same IP address. If you do eBay will link the accounts together. You won’t be banned, but if something happens to one account, the other account will go too.

    The only other way I see is to use proxies. A couple sites that I’ve been looking at are webproxy.kaxy.com and proxify.net. I haven’t actually used these specific sites yet, but my group does use proxies to connect to eBay, and we’re doing fine.

    If you havent checked out my other article on eBay suspension, more people seem to respond to it for some reason. Check it out.

    Hope this helps,

  • Jeff Hozzy

    Well I have changed the IP address about twice per day since Sunday and have had no problems listing or operating yet. If what you say is true what about the work computer I share with an Ebayer? I have bid on his stuff before to help him out of a jam. What happens when I am ready to open a new account? What can I do so me and my wife can operate on the same network without being linked together? Just keep changing IP’s?
    Thanks, your more helpful than the $30 e-book I bought!

  • comdej

    If I have 2 computers sharing the same home network + 1 routher. I checked the IP address of the 2 computers using the website you provided and found that they were not on the same IP.
    Will eBay think that 2 computers not the same person or they will know?

    I have my 4 accounts, when one of them banned, the rest were as well.
    My brother live in another address, but use the same credit card that have the same billing address as mine, why his account was banned as well!

  • comdej

    I’d like to add that my brother use his credit card, different number but use the same address as mine.

  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin

    It could be that your brother logged into his account using your one of your comptuters at one time. Or since the address are the same that could of triggered eBay to link the accounts and ban his as well. It’s not likely but I’ve seen it happen before.


  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin

    Hi Comdej,

    Sorry to hear about your accounts, I’ve never had my Paypal account banned before, so I can’t help you much there. They go on a ratio of complaints vs. sales. If your percentage of complaints is higher then a set amount then they will suspend you Paypal account. I’ve heard horror stories of people having their account banned never to see it again; and all their assets frozen for months.

    I’m not sure how marketworks works… I’ve never heard of it before. I don’t believe its part of eBay or Paypal so you should be okay as far as that goes.

    All you have to do is delete your cookies, and delete and reinstall turbolister if you use it. EBay doesn’t monitor your computer usage :)

    That would kind of scary if they did. :)

    Good luck!

    Read my other post on eBay and the comments. There is a lot of good information there.

    More on eBay suspended accounts

  • Comdej

    Sorry to ask you again.

    1. Do you have any experience using an online auction management?
    I was using marketworks.com and wonder if I just add a new eBay ID, new paypal but use the same inventoryand launch from the same marketwork account, will they know?

    2. My paypal was banned as well, it was because eBay banned my ID, and then sent email to my customers that my ID was no longer registered user. Therefore, my customers panic and sent a lot of dispute to my Paypal, then my Paypal was banned. They said 2 step to remove by sending a fax and reslolve all disputes. Is their any chance to reinstate it?

    3. About cleaning computer, do I have to reformat my computer? Or just delete cookie and caches every time before changing eBay, Paypal ID?

    Sorry to ask you so many questions, eBay was my full time. Therefore, it is very hard for my life now….

  • mike

    Hi there! i have 3 questions please.

    1) will ebay know if you use the same checking account # on your new account after you get suspended?

    2) i got suspended and received an email saying that i was suspended becuase iam “”Abusing eBay” of the eBay User Agreement states, in part: what does that means? i was trying to sell a book!!

    3) can ebay track you via mac address?

    Thank you very much for this great website!

  • AJ

    Is if okay if i use the same checking account # on my new ebay account? also, my ip address showing i live in FL and i live in Mi would this make a diffrence and would ebay shut me down again? and last thing, once i opended an account with ebay and when i statred selling they only asked me for my debit/credit card number, they didnt ask for my checking account number… Why do you think?? Thanks

  • AJ

    OH forgot to ask

    My my registered address and name is diffrent then my billing address. Would this red flag my account?? Thanks

  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin


    1) Yes.

    2) Its a vague statement eBay uses over and over again to rationalize your suspension. More then likely your item has to do with a major business that doesn’t like you selling your information.

    3) Mac Address, if it’s the same as IP address then yes.

  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin

    AJ no, you must forge the bank account number, and have your payments come from you CC on file. It’s the only way. If you try to use your old bank account #, eBay will link your accounts and ban you.

    Your IP address is fine. The only problem arises if you’re in China and claim to be in California… that’s a red flag.

    They’ll ask for your Checking Account number when you sign up for a seller account. Other then that you won’t need it to buy.

    It sounds like you’re buying items off eBay more then selling. You’re address should be okay.

  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin

    I would like to thank everyone for your interest in my eBay articles. If you are unaware, I have another eBay article with a lot more information, especially within the comments section.

    With my recent business projects I’m very busy and will not be able to answer you for at least 24/48 hours. If you have patience by all means post, if not please visit my other eBay post. Most of the questions you can think of have been posted and answered.

    More on eBay Suspensions

    Please read this other post before posting a new question.

    Thank you,

  • terry

    If i have logged into my banned accoutn at my mother’s inlaw place before, I now have created a new account at her house. Do you think I will get caught if i use my new account at ther placed,a nd never log into my ban account from there…I have reset my ip also, the only problem is only the last 6 digit has changed, would that matter???

  • Mike M

    Got suspended today for no reason! want to make a new account… If i give ebay my real street address then they will link me to my suspended account and suspended my account thats for sure, So i decided to give them a different address and provide the correct zip code so it will bypass their credit card verification proccess… Do you think that will work? or they will run a credit check report to see if that my correct address? please advice. Thanks Mike.

    Forgot to ask.

    how does ebay/paypal linke accounts?


  • Jason

    my account was suspended today. I want to make a new account under my other debit card (never been used on ebay before) if i use my same billing address i will be suspended again, so i though i could use a any billing address and provide the correct zip code, will this work? or not? Thanks in advance.

  • http://www.auctionstealth.com/ aspkin

    Terry as long as you have changed your IP address before creating the new account, and followed the other steps I outlined, you should be okay. Just remember never to log back into your old banned account, you could accidentally link your two accounts together.

    Mike you’ll be okay as far as your address and credit card. There is a ton of information about eBay and Paypal in this post eBay suspension, check it out.

    Jason yes that will work. As far as your credit card address you can try it, sometimes it works.. Other times it will need to be close to your correct address except a few letters / numbers. Same with your name, never use the same name.

  • Jason

    Thank you very much for this info, You are a great Guy!

  • Ryan

    I recently made a new account with ebay after being suspended with my last account. I am curious if you can link your old paypal address with your new ebay account. I have added my new email address under paypal and made it my primary but I thought I should research it before actually going through with linking this paypal with ebay. I saw this mentioned a couple times on your site but I am still confused. Thanks for any input!

  • steve

    Hi Aspkin,i just had 3 accounts suspended all with good feed back they said there were connected to an old ebay id that they suspended several years ago cause i owed them a payment.i dont mind paying my depts but i dont know what to do now.just trying to make an honest living.i had one compalint recently but that account is still running.i am worried they will suspend my last account also,now with the suspended accounts i cant retreive credit card info etc and what was in them to compare.i dont see how it can be the ip address that they are using on me to track if i still have one working and i log in the accounts all the time.any ideas.Thanks a lot

  • fran

    does ebay accept prepaid debit cards if they accept prepaid credit cards?
    i heard some where they don’t accept prepaid debit cards.

  • Jayce

    hey guys, I recently got my account suspended too. And I want to create a new ebay account, from what I am reading here, you can actually enter a different name and credit/debit card details when signing up a new one but I was wondering how does that work because upon entering your credit/debit card details in the verificaion bit it says the address has to match the card issuing/billing address.
    Now my brother want to try opening one using his card so how should it be done. Can he make up the name and address on ebay and when setting up a seller account he just make up the name and address as well but use his debit card number. Will that work

  • http://theinternetbiz.com cynthia

    where can you buy a prepaid credit card without giving your name and social to them.

  • fedupstayathomemom

    Okay, I have been reading a lot on this board and am just shocked to know there are so many others facing the same fate with eBay. I am a stay at home mommy who sells on eBay to supplement my families income so I can stay home. I do not make much but it’s every little bit that helps. I have been a seller since 1999 and have recently been suspened from eBay indefinately. I am very fustrated, but so glad I found this site. I opened several accounts prior to finding this forum and all have been shut down. (associated/ linked to suspended user) The last account really shocked me that is was suspended. I changed my IP address, opened a new email from hotmail, opened a new bank account and new cc, used different name and address. I did however make the mistake of using an address in CA when I now live in AR. I am curious how they could still link the accounts? I did use Sellers Source Book for hosting and pasting the html into eBay. Do you think that did it? I did change my ebnay user info on sellers source book, but still got suspended. I really would like to get back on eBay to sell my mounds of inventory. There really is no other internet market place that compares since eBay has monopolized the web. Also someone suggested eBay puts cookies that can not be removed thru normal channels. Do I need to have my hard drive reconfigured? That would run me close to $200 and I would lose all my favorite website info and more. Help !!!

  • fedupstayathomemom


    I have some questions. I have read your posts but am still curious as to my fate. I have done everything as you stated and still got suspended. I bought a couple of dresses for my daughter so it was low cost which is the norm for me anyway and then listed some toys at low cost and was then suspended as associated with a suspended user. Is it because I was using Sellers Source Book as my hosting site? Please help?

    • Lance

      @ Stayathomemom — Just curious, did you do the whole pre-paid credit card thing to create your seller’s account? If so, I’m very curious as to how you went around PayPal as they don’t allow people to create premier or business accounts w/ just a pre-paid cc. As for changing a few numbers around on a bank account / routing #, I really don’t see that being so easy to do. Your reply will be greatly appreciated!



  • http://theinternetbiz.com cindi

    Question: If you use an anonymizer and you get a pre paid card and they still ban the new account within 30 minutes of signing up, then can you try again with different info using the same anonymous ip address, it’s the same but it’s using an anonymous proxy ip but it’s still the same ip digits? It must have linked because all of the temp files weren’t gone, everything else was new.

    Q # 2 On a pre paid card, with ebay can you enter that pre paid card number and whatever name and address you like or will ebay only verify the card if the card matches the address for that pre paid card? You have to give them the right address so they can mail that card to you anyway.

  • http://theinternetbiz.com cindi

    in other words, do you have to go purchase a different anonymous proxy software and change the ip again or can you re sign up with different info using that same proxy anonymous proxy software, because the ip stays the same using that anon proxy software. at least that’s what everyone sees, but it hides the real ip, but it was hiding the ip first when I signed up and it kicked the acct off within 30 minutes, so it’s still going to see the same anon. proxy ip when I sign up again. Should I get a new anon proxy software?

  • S help

    I have had my account suspended for 12 months as it was linked to my x boyfriends account. I have nothing to do with him anymore and ebay say i have to get his account unsuspended to reactivate mine on there suspension message. Is the a way around this at all as i have been tading safley for ove 1 year and have 100% positive feedback. 300+ of them.


  • Naveen

    I got suspended for something that was really stupid. Anyway I was just reading about prepaid credit cards and this site:http:
    says I can’t use them to open an ebay sellers account because I need a bank account is this true?
    (live in the uk)

  • Elissa

    I understand all the steps in order to get an account, however i have a different question for you.

    I have a broadband connection i use, however i also have a dial up connection that is never used.

    My plan to be extra sure is to use the dial up connection for when i create my ebay account, and list items or use ebay in any way what so ever so i dont slip up, and i will know the IP address is different each time and have a less chance of getting caught. However, i am wondering, what will happen when i sign out of ebay, and connect back up to my adsl connection (which is on a network) can ebay track me then even when im not using ebay but back on adsl? id only be on ebay if connected to dial up. could they get me there or link the two even tho im not using ebay whilst on adsl.

    Let me know asap as i really need to get back to selling, have a baby due in november :)


    ps and thanks heaps for giving this info for free, its the best ive found on the net!

  • tani

    hi, my account was suspended, they are now saying after 7 days i have to provide id.
    what id do they want.
    also if i start a new account, how do i get different name, and address. to also match my credit card as my husband has an account as well but don’t want to use it incase they link it.
    i also downloaded an ip hiding software, can i use this.
    also when i go to strart, run, then ipconfig, this ip address is different , then the ones shown on the my ip sites. this is with ip software, disabled. why is this.
    can ebay also 2 accounts with addresses previously on file, if have been changed. also paypal addresses

  • t

    if i verify my paypal account with a checking account that has never been used with paypal or ebay, will they be able to find out the name & address on the account?

  • rendall

    have i got something to tell everyone . it all started a few months ago when i first started useing ebay in march to sell high end fabrics i had the account three weeks and i one day logged into my account to see i was suspended for no reason saying that i violated ebays policey i sent many emails asking why nothing was ever done and no one told me why? ok so i have been reading your advice here i tdid everything you asked me to i have had five ebay accounts since then differnt emails but listen here all tied to the same paypal account well all ebay accounts were suspended the same with no reason why just saying im voliating thier polcey so finally i asked a friend who has been buying through ebay for years and with excellent feedback to help me sell useing that account i then added his email to my paypal account. LISTEN HERE within a week his ebay account was suspened and my paypal account was limited i could not with draw money but could recive money. finally after days and days of talking to paypal and faxing things to them they lefted the paypal suspension but heres the catch i had over a thounsand dollars in the paypal account and they wont let me with draw that into my bankaccount untill i pay ebays fees on accounts that was wrongly suspended all my customers dont understand whats going on im horrified .EVERYBODY OUT THERE EBAY AND PAYPAL ARE THE SAME COMPANY AND THATS HOW THEY LINK YOU TOGHTHER IF YOU START A NEW EBAY ACCOUNT IF YOU DO NOT WANT THEM TO KNOW ITS YOU THEN DONT USE PAYPAL OR YOU MAY HAVE THE SAME HAPPEN TO YOU. ebay and paypal is a very dishonest company and i give up never again will i use them again they stold over a thousand dollars from me and have it to this min hopefully this will help

  • Melissa


    You are a lifesaver!!! I was suspended from ebay and followed all of your instructions. So far so good. I used a different email to open a paypal account. My question is my money is trapped because I can’t link my bank account to my paypal account. Or can I? I have another paypal account but am afraid that it will be traced to my old ebay account. Am I being dumb? I’m confused on what to do.

  • Liran


    I read most of the messages here but something is not clear to me.
    If you use a different address (so you won’t get suspended again), how would you get the delivery of the items you buy?


  • oleg

    Hi. I have just had my ebay account suspended and it was a total nightmare with pay pal involved and all. So basically what do i need to do in terms of changing my adress and bank account info, as well as credit card. As you stated it would still be fine if i would just misspell my name on the registration and the adress? and also is there any way to get the ebay account reinstated even if it is linked to paypal suspension ?

  • james

    Hi there,

    A quick question you say Try not to use the same information twice when registering. Example, name and address, is there any way you recommend to get around this and have goods sent from or to the same address without the Ebay Gasapo finding out and linking it to a banned account?

    Also is there any way to use the same paypal account?



  • casey millard

    hey. i am 18 and have had my account suspended, with my home address on it etc. i used all my legitimate info, but it was suspended. i have now gone off to college, and have a new address, a new paypal account with a new bank account, new debit card, new phone number, new email address. i also have a new computer with completely different ip address/internet service. the only peice of info that is the same is my name. i want to know if i sign up for a new ebay account, will i be suspended? i mean info wil be the same except my first and last name. let me know if you guys think i will be safe or not. i cant think of anything else they could use to trace the account back to me. thanks

  • alec

    hello askin, i have been banned by ebay more than 10 times. i often used another credit card to create a new acocunt , but i often get banned after a month or even few days , i tried what u said before, the account that i created after i listen to your advises lasted like three weeks, then i tried to open a new one again and again . but they all banned. i wonder why is that happning. is it becoz of the address of the credit card that i put on file? as the zip code of my credit card is 94015. so everytime i put the info on file i would out 94015. do ebay have access into my bank acocunt to see who i actually am? is simon giftcard really work great? and also what should i put for FAKE address when i sign up?

  • Berlin


    my ebay and pay pal account were both suspended so I used my sister’s account info and ebay suspended me again bc i didnt change my IP address. How can I follow and your steps and still use a bank account that’s mine but won’t be traced back to ebay or paypal? What name, social, and address would I use? Is my only option to keep on trying my family’s bank account information and hope that I won’t get suspended again?

  • Secret Seller


    We were a top power seller titanium status! Our accounts got shot down all of them – over 6000 + actual positive feedbacks. We sell a specific product brand and line. How can we get back on ebay? We had live toll free support and everything. Can ebay shut us down under a new name because we are selling a certain branded product?

    Is that illegal?

    Please help out! We need it!

  • Tami

    I am having trouble setting up the account using a credit/prepaid card with using proxify.net to open an account. Any help would be great.

  • Tami

    Continue from above…
    I am trying to reopen a new ebay account through proxify.net. When it comes to enter the credit/debit card, it will not go through. What am I doing wrong?

  • Kevin

    Hi, aspkin, I just bought my new prepaid visa card from simon.com and of course, in order to sign up, you must have banking information, if you change your account # around a little, won’t it reject the account? because they might verify it w/ my bank and if it comes back non-valid, won’t that screw me over? should i just open a virtual bank account w/ a new name, new address and new everything?

  • t rash

    hi i have a couple of questions.
    1 i have been kicked out of ebay and paypal. i was very sick and wasnt able to ship out the stuff that was sold.( me being a total jackass.. should have cancelled the listings but forgot.) so now i know we cant use the same checking acct however can i open up another back acct and use that… please advice.
    2 i owe ebay about $200 in fees. and i have been suspended. should i pay or not. please advice.
    thank you

  • khir

    My ebay account and paypal account using the same address (shipping address), suddently my ebay account was suspended.

    I want to open a new ebay account and link with existing paypal account, how can I do that when there are stated my address registered with paypal, can ebay identify this?





  • j-f

    i get suspended with 100% feedback and one cpmplain saying “this is fake, is a cheap copy from turkey”
    I’ve been on ebay since 2004.
    after reading all this is very confusing, who has a succesful story?? can i list the same items if i get my account back?

  • mattyboy

    Right I am on the UK ebay site if it makes any difference. I had 6 accounts suspended, fair enough I’m over it now. I have been using a friends account, recently Paypal have limited this account. Is it possible for me to link up a previous paypal account to this account?


  • Slayer

    If i use my m8s account with his details on it, and change my IP address and delete my cookies, will eBay be able 2 find me and block my account again?

    plus what paypal account do i use 4 receiving payments? i have not had my paypal account blocked/limited whatever, its verified 2 my address and linked 2 my old blocked account?

    what ppal account do i use

  • vermont

    Hi guys.my account has been suspeded due to this unpaid strike lastweek and my question is how many days is the suspension period? and after this suspension i would like to know if ebay will allow me to use my suspended account right after the suspension period and also are they going to collect me a charge no matter what is is

  • Melis

    I want to open another ebay selling account. I only use paypal to pay for my fees. Can I use the same paypal to pay fees for additional ebay accounts.

    Is there a certain type prepaid credit card I should use ?

    What are good merchant account processor to use away from paypal ?

  • Philly387

    You can use the same paypal account for more than one ebay account. Do not use a paypal account that was linked to a suspended ebay account though.

    If you live in the USA, I suggest using a Simon Gift Account.

    Merchant Plus is a great merchant account processor to use away from paypal also.

  • Pandemic

    Can I log in to my paypal that is lined to the suspended account?

  • Pandemic

    Can I transfer the funds from my old account to my new paypal account?

  • Kaz


    Firstly great work!

    Im based in the UK and have two quesries

    Your helping out loads of people and for that Im sure your going to the heavens above for helping us poor souls out(ebay and paypal may think otherwise)

    Anyways to my first query…..?!

    Ive been banned several times

    However when I get another account up and running abruptly they sus it out somehow (god knows how as all my details are different everytime including personal info as well as the IP)

    Ive just done another one and I had to verify my account when I went to list an item

    Their where options for email,phone and via the live help

    I choose live help and they assisted me and I was ready to list within 5 minutes!

    However they asked me for my landline number which I think has already been flagged once (all other details are different)

    Moving on its been a couple of hours now and my account is still strong (im a newby with the little icon near my username)

    I have listed several small items.None of which have significant value!

    If I stayed on ebay (left the computer and modem running) would it reduce the chance of getting flagged?

    I ask as if you sign in and sign out again their is more chance.BUT my thinking tells me if I stayed signed in and dont sign out they would find it hard!

    Im on mozilla and I have this tool on my add-ons which removes cookies and lso’s while im online so I dont need to close and run CCleaner!

    Other thing is I have several paypals which have either been locked and I have to wait 180 days for me to get my money?!

    These are all verified with bank details so in theory after the 180 day period has elapsed can I simply withdraw the funds to my bank?

    Another question is I have another paypal with close to £2000 inside which has also been locked.They are asking me to resolve an issue which their is no option to!

    I cant refund as their is no sub heading but they are asking for photo proof and other bits.This is on some random name so I cant do it.Bank details are of mine though!

    Would the funds also be released after 180 days?Bank details are mine but other details aint and I have verified and I can use the paypal but cant send/recieve BLAH BLAH until I verify!?

    Back to you mate I have read alot off your work.Bought the book which was good but tricky as Im in the UK and your book is based on the US market!

    The amount of tricksters on the web is unbelieveable!Who CLAIM to help but dont do NOWT!

    Oh and is their any UK accounts you may have which are available for sale?They always catch onto me within 3 months!

    Never pay my fees when they do thrwo me out!Bloody tossers!!

    Anyways thanks for your time!

    And if your in the UK call me and I will take you out for a drink!


  • http://www.filipinaskincare.com Rose

    I want to sell some skin care products at Ebay and I want to use PayPal as my payment method. The only thing is, PayPal held some of my money before when I was selling some other stuff. They were asking for tons of my info: ssn, my supplier’s info, etc. I just want to know if you have any knowledge to prevent being suspended in PayPal? Thanks so much for all your help..

  • YAS

    I have followed all the rules to set up new ebay account i.e. clearing cooking,change ip etc then i have opened a new ebay account with new information i.e. address and name, also provided a credit card which belongs to a family member to pay for my fees, However, i would like to use my old paypal account, meaning i have changed the email address, in fact, i have closed the paypal and re-opened again with a new email address but the rest of the info like account number and sort code, address etc is still the same, therefore my question is will ebay link me to my previous suspended account? all im worried about is the paypal that i am only using to receive payments? please help!

  • Angel

    Hi. I want to sell more of the same items on a second account. This second account is in my fiances name not mine,a different address but same billing address as the first e bay account but this time with the street name misspelled. I’ve removed the cookies and i have to learn how to change the ip address. Would this work? It’s a totally different bank account number and bank and cc info. The only connection is the billing address, but misspelled on the street name. And of course i have to change the ip address. Thanks for your help or any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

  • janne

    Ebay is not accepting my prepaid credit card. The site is saying that they do not accept prepaid CC. Now what do I do?

  • joanne

    I am curious to know if using proxies such as iprivacytools.com is safe when logging on to ebay?

  • Laz

    Dear Aspkin,

    PayPal doesn’t accept pre-paid credit cards for premier or business accounts? So, in that case, how can you even possibly begin to create a seller’s account? Also is it really that easy just to change a couple of numbers around on a checking account & routing # and it being accepted by both ebay & PayPal? As far as all the rest of the info I need in order to create a new account, I am already well aware of. I’m just simply puzzled a bit by the whole pre-paid credit card / bank info thing… Your response will be greatly appreciated >>

    PS — Fuck FEEbay & FAKEpal!!



  • Max

    Helli Ask Pin,

    I have been suspended 6 months ago by getting a few late delivery and dispatch scores on my dashboard – it is suspended indefinitely.

    Let me get this right, to start again i need:

    New email account, new paypal account linked to the new ebay, new billing address, new credit card registered, and new IP address.

    If i transfer all of this to my wifes name and register details to her old home address should that be fine?


  • ac

    Not sure if you will answer this but i was banned over a rather large charge-back that i appealed or lost. Now I am banned from both websites. The amount has gone to collection but i want to buy something (high priced) and I can only use paypal to buy it. How can i do this?

  • npeltd

    Going to court on thursday as ebay cancelled our 45 listings. claiming £93.50. Ebay are not coming to court they have a paper defence maybe it is thin paper or it can tear easily any advice gratefully received.

  • vin-sean

    Hello aspkins,

    I would like to ask a question,

    I have successfully created a new account, with new address, new paypal, new bank account, etc. However, can I still log in my ebay from the house I was banned in I mean same IP address and same computer? Will they catch it? I usually log in ebay at starbucks and lobby of my apartment.

    Urgent Question, please respond.
    Thank you for the great advices.

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