I hate Meineke!

Here is my story. A couple weeks ago I took my car 87 Mustang to Meineke to have the heater core replaced. It cost $460 and took 5 days to be completed. I was told the reason for the delay was because to reach the heater core you must go through the dash. So I waited no problem. When I got the car back I first noticed the speedometer didn’t, so I took it back to Meineke that same day and they fixed it. I took it home the second time and everything seemed fine except the way the car looked. It was trashed inside and out, I wasn’t very happy about that. The thing with my mustang is it’s a weekend car, I don’t drive it a lot, so once I got it back it was parked for about 2 weeks.

When I started to drive the car again, I went looking for some ricers to trash, and this is when I find my clutch is SLIPPING!! I have no grip to power forward; well I do but not enough to accelerate hard with. I took it back to the shop and told them about the situation and they just told me right back the clutch is going bad, and they didn’t do anything to the car… yeah right! I barley drove it since I got it back from Meineke, it wasn’t even 2 miles before I noticed the problem, they fucking did it!

I was later told by a friend that each Meineke is separately owned and they drive the customer cars home. So yeah they beat the hell out of my car!

I’m having the car repaired right now, a new clutch (spec 2), rebuild of the transmission, and a few other things done, total $1200. What a waste of money, all because of Meineke lack of control with their franchises. Meineke fucking sucks; if you care anything about your car Do Not Go To Meineke! BAH!

broken car


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4 Comments on "I hate Meineke!"


1 year 2 months ago

Meineke is fucked up. Look at the turnover at the management level. Own a franchise. Call me. I give you the scoop

2 years 2 months ago
Actually, if that Meineke is doing that then THEIR management is wrong and that is NOT the way things (are supposed to) run. I RAN a Meineke shop in New England for 14 years; one of the most successful ones in the entire zone. *I* hired team players with some skills, not teens or people who were ‘lube specialists’ and EVERYTHING was above board. It’s true that they are franchises and not all are run equally. I treated our shop like your local neighborhood garage even though we were busier than hell! I remembered customers’ names and my techs could… Read more »
3 years 11 months ago
Meineke is a rip off. I went in for an oil change, the coupon was for $19.95 yet the total charge came to a whopping $30. Ten bucks for the shop materials – what do they use, gold plated wrenches? When you appeal to the website, they don’t? want a piece of it. The charges for the shop materials are up to an individual franchise. I wish that this fact was advertised in their commercials, as well as the exorbitant prices for the shop materials. We’re talking about the Midwest, not NY or CA. Remember this gal on their commercials… Read more »
6 years 1 month ago

my dad worked at meineke and i know for a fact that ASPKIN’s friend was wrong, they only test drive the cars and you must have just had a shitty mechanic if it took 5 days to complete the heater job. not all meineke’s do that, it was most likely just that mechanic,


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