Andrew Keen Wants to Kill The Internet!

A very interesting interview I found at talks to Andrew Keen and his belief that Web 2.0 is killing off the big media giants. Who wants to pay for music when you can download it for free, who wants to buy a newspaper when you can read all the news you want online. The freedom we have online expressing our self is redundant compared to professional news organizations. He explains that user generated content is worthless and the fact that sites like Wikipedia and YouTube only encourage people to be lazy with any information or media they share. He wants us to stop using the internet for information, and entertainment and wants us to go back to traditional media giants to appreciate professional entertainment.

andrew-keen.jpgThough Andrew talks like he has some level of education, it seems he hasn’t spent more then few minutes online. Web 2.0 is the ability for a common person to express their self online in a way traditional media could never do. It brings people together to collectively share information whether it’s fact or fiction. Web 2.0 is something Andrew Keen is afraid of. With change there is fear Andrew?

I for one embrace the internet as our next media gateway. Sure there is a lot of inaccurate information out there, but just like traditional media you can’t accept everything you read or see as fact.

The internet is an important gateway to share information and I for one would rather lose all other sources of information before I lose the internet. It’s a medium that connects me to thousands of people around the world and without it I’d be stuck with static.

Video Interview: Andrew Keen Interview
More Information: Wiki Andrew Keen



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