Another Day, Another Dollar – My Rant

Is it me or is the human race doomed to live and die by our greed of wealth and power? I am overwhelmed with emotion to jump in my Mustang and explode down the road at 140MPH and being one with the beast! I am enraged and angry right now with how the world works, and what people unknowingly do for instant gratification. I do not see how I could love anyone for everyone to me is either an idiot or just another no one.

walmartI was at Wal-Mart today, the last place you normally see me; to buy a computer for my brother. He is trying to start his own online business and as most start up companies, he’s broke until his business starts rolling.

greeterWe travel through big business Wal-Mart to pick out a cheap but decent computer which Wal-Mart is good for. When we go to checkout, which has at least 30 checkout counters, but of course Wal-Mart trying to save a buck only has a max of 5 open counters at 7pm with hundreds of people in their store! The thing I hate more then stupid people is waiting in line for 30 minutes to buy a product! I am there to buy your product, why do you make me wait! There are at lest 20 people in each of the 5 lanes waiting patiently to buy their goods and get out of there without going crazy. I in turn wait patiently reading a magazine trying to pass the time.

I know what you’re thinking, who gives a **** about you having to wait in line, I have worst problems then that!

I know everyone has problems but I’m not done.

I my self help run a business in which we provide a service to customers and I know there are some things that are out of your hands to fix to better the customer’s experience. Our business has its problems but we strive to better our self for the customer.

lowpricesWal-Mart can open a couple more lanes for the customer and they will in turn create more customers! The better you treat your customers, the fewer negatives you give a customer to pass on to their friends, co-workers and readers, the more business you will have and the more support you’ll have. I for one have walked out of Wal-Marts before because of this same situation; I don’t like to wait 30 minutes for anything I can get somewhere else for the same or cheaper price! For my brothers sake I waited this time.

Online stores can be treated the same way. If there are obstacles in my way and my patience is low, I’ll go somewhere else. This I learned very quickly when I started my online business 3 years ago.

If for example you have an online shop or mailing list signup you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for the customer to do what they need to do to buy or sign up for your product!

If you have extra nonsense standing in there way: “check this widget for more information”, “after this verify your email, TWICE!”, “read all of this non sense and then answer questions”, “answer this, this and this”, “give us your credit card information, SS#, and your first child!”.

Do you get the point? What happen to serving your customer with a welcome at the front door and gently good bye when they leave?

And what’s with over advertising everywhere?

I hate food commercials! The one I hate the most is Taco Bell’s, ‘eat late until 1am’ commercial. I’m almost always up late, and when ever I see that commercial I can’t get it out of my head until I go to Taco Bell and order something! And you know what… that commercial is on ever show I watch… come on!! Family Guy… South Park… TBS… Why? Why must you mock me like this! I go to the gym everyday thank god!

Back to my rant on why I hate people.

walmart customersI don’t know what it was, but as I was walking through Wal-Mart today, and saw the masses of clones buying their China made goods, shuffling along with glee throwing anything they can fit in their cart and spending their weekly salary to the one company that is killing small business, the US economy and filling up the coffers of fat Chinese slave labor owners the most. I find it disgusting for even being human. I felt as everyone were mindless monkeys doing what everyone else does? Or is it just me?

Good for China I say, they will soon surpass the U.S. as the leading superpower. They have the money, they steal other’s technology, they have the man power and their government is a sleeping elephant which is slowly building up arms.

I hate how our world works, what we’re doing to each other and I wish we had a stronger leader to help turn this country around.

Big businesses need to take more responsibility for their actions and we as people need to be more mindful of ours.

I have more to say, but my rage is calming and I’ve run out of steam. I’m sure my rage will pop up again soon.




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Oh yeah, another thing I forgot to add. Someone can support products being made in China. But where does the buck stop? I called my cable TV provider the other day, and of course with the phone operator’s accent, I knew he was overseas. I provided my credit card # and the operator charged my card $180 dollars or so. I find it weird how someone working overseas for probably 50 cents or a couple dollars an hour charges my card for $180. They must think we must be wacked out here to afford paying cable bills that are $60,… Read more »
Wow Aspkin, you’re right along the same kind of ranting that I was doing a couple of days ago. I very rarely ever shop at Wal-Mart because I prefer to do shopping wtih American made products, not from China slave labor. Unfortunately, almost every other store has the majority of their items for sale made from China. So if I can’t prevent buying items made from China, at least I can avoid the one store who really started a lot of the mass importing. I find it funny that we’re born into the world from our parents. Our parents at… Read more »

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