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If I could only do one thing to make money online, it would be affiliate marketing. Why? Because in the short amount of time I’ve been doing it, I’ve made more money, faster then any other business adventure I’ve worked with. I’ve created tons of content websites that takes months to get going. I’ve started shopping sites selling my own product, that works well but again it takes tons of time to get started. I’ve sold on eBay, which does pretty well overall, but we all know eBay isn’t a long term business. I haven’t yet created my own unique product. I know if I created an eBook on eBay suspensions which is in the works; it would make some serious cash. It’s just that it’s taking a long time to create.

webhostingWith affiliate marketing, you find a niche you want to promote. You create a nice landing page comparing competing products and you promote you site using PPC advertising. SO EASY! I can easily create a simple five page site in less then a day, and setup PPC adwords campaigns in less then a couple hours. If my landing page is professional enough and I have good content answering exactly what the visitor is looking for, it will convert into sales. I’ve done it before and its working well.

I haven’t been an affiliate marketer for long, I’ve only created one successful landing page so far, but I’ve been researching new niches. One that sparks my interest is web hosting. The payout is HUGE and the cost to the buyer is minimal! If I were to sale a $5.95 hosting package with one host, I could receive up to $95 in commission! Web hosting is a huge business too. It’s not going to die overnight like other affiliate programs. It’ll be around as long as there’s an internet. So the sooner I get started the better the business will be in the long run. And everything I do is for the long run.

ChristmasSo! My next project as an affiliate marketer will to become a web host affiliate. Since I know there is tons of competition in this market. One competing affiliate marketer I’ve talked to suggested I offer my services to install or transfer websites as a bonus. Sign up for a hosting service I promote. And I’ll transfer your files or install simple scripts. That’s my angle! I love creating websites, and most of you know I have tons of websites already. I host most of my sites at The Planet, but I’ve used GoDaddy, Pair, Lunarpages, BlueHost, NetworkSolutions, DiscountASP, and other host I’m forgetting. So I know what I’m doing in that area. I’m also quite skilled in basic troubleshooting. I can usually figure things out quickly.

We’ll see how it goes. Oh and Merry Christmas everyone!



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Hello, I am kinda new to the making money on the net game. My family has several pawn shops in the Birmingham area. I have been selling items on ebay for over 5 years , with good turn around. I am looking for another avenue to make money on the internet , I would like to get into the affiliate side of selling on the internet. However, I just do not know how or where to start. Can you please give me an , affiliate for dummies run down. Step by step on how to get started . I thank… Read more »