I Moved! Link Partners and Website Stats!

I just finished moving to my new place, and so you probably noticed I haven’t posted in awhile. I haven’t forgotten about the blog. I just haven’t had much time for it lately.

Good news though, the site is continuing to grow because of the eBay Suspension Forum. Right now we have over 2500 visitors a day on aspkin.com! And so if you want to get very cheap exposure to your site, we have sponsored links available at $7 each. Two spots are already taken up!

Our good friends at AuctionQuests and IPTect.com have purchased links from us. Right now we have 8 links left at $7 each! Get your link while they’re available and at a very affordable price.


Just a quick post before I hit the hay.

Have a great day!



Creator of SFB, eBay Stealth and Amazon Ghost at aspkin

¯\_(oo)_/¯ My Recent Works –> eBay Stealth, Amazon Ghost, AutoBlogBook, SixFigureBoss


@cryptonazo Those people were nutty. :p – 2 weeks ago



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