Making the Perfect Landing Page

Your landing page is anything that you send targeted traffic to in hopes to convert visitors into sales. The more professional your landing page looks and the more doubts it squashes. The better chance you’ll have at converting targeted traffic into sales. And with all the competition in popular niches, you’ll want to have the best converting landing page to stay ahead of the game.

I have about 20 landing pages right now. It’s taken tons of time to optimize them but they’re all starting to pay off now. I almost doubled my sales overnight with simple changes like:

  1. Using Verdana font size 11 pixel
  2. Getting rid of content that wasn’t positive.
  3. Adding content that shows more benifits
  4. Adding trusting elements to the page.
  5. Limiting options in the page, to focuse on call to action
  6. Using black text with H1 headings.
  7. Using bold text to strengthen the eye path.
  8. Using selective images to draw attention to the call to action
  9. Having a strong header message that lets visitors know they’re on the right site, and urging them to continue with your message

Just a few changes and I doubled my sales for one of my sites, and I’m already increasing sales with another. A landing page that looks professional is key. Using blogs as landing pages works, but not if you’re on a wordpress or Blogspot free hosting. There are trust issues using free hosting sites. It’s all about trust. When someone trusts you, they’ll listen to anything you have to say. Also the more professional your message is, the easier it will be to convert visitors into sales. Sounds easy enough right? If it were so easy, everyone would be doing it.

Marketing ExperimentsDon’t worry though; I came across an awesome website today. It’s a type of landing page research website. They do test on what works and what doesn’t work with landing pages and report their findings. I found it a great read. MarketingExperiments is an online laboratory with a simple (but not easy) five-word mission statement: To discover what really works. I highly recommend going through some of their articles to work on your landing pages.

Also just to let you know I’m still learning all about prefecting my own landing pages, I’m not an affiliate marketing guru yet! I’m learning just like you are. But I hope this helps.

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