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I’m thinking about starting something new. It’s not revolutionary or even something unique, but something that’s been a proven long term money maker. Well, to some people at least. I’m thinking about starting an affiliate bargain hunting site like, or I know a few people that are doing really well with their sites, and I have a feeling I can improve in the whole bargain hunting aspect. I took some time this afternoon and wrote some ideas for a site. Which I was about to share, but decided it’s probably not a good business decision. 🙁

fatwallet.jpgAnyway, the basic idea would be for a total Web 2.0 feel which will give visitors the opportunity to give their input on products, ratings and other features all without having to create an account. I want visitors to write the content. Also the site will be crazy Search Engine friendly, have an affiliate system, RSS, XML, latest deals, most popular deals, easy to use features all on auto pilot.

Just something to take over what little time I have free.

I don’t have a name for the site yet, but I’m thinking or something short and sweet. This is a long term project which will take professional programmers and designers to create it. I give it 3-6 months to be completed. Let’s see what happens!




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