Value Based Marketing in Action

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First off what is Value Based Marketing? In this example it’s giving value to the consumer first, without expecting anything in return. It’s the best way to advertise yet not a lot of people use this marketing strategy. There have been hundreds of case studies that when consumers receive value first, whether that’s entertainment, valuable information, sample products, what have you, consumers respond positively to the product or service and instinctively want to learn more from you.

In this example, a post on Reddit links to a Bruce Lee video, where Bruce Lee is demonstrating his Kung Fu abilities. A short but entertaining video!

What caught my eye was one of the comments in the Reddit posts below: 


What you see is Value Based Marketing in action and it’s Instant Results!

A person viewed this video, liked what they saw and decided to purchase the product right away. Not only did they purchase the product right away but they announced what they were doing to other viewers which was positively received. That’s awesome!

What sort of Value Based Marketing Could You Do?

Personally I like to give as much value as possible to consumers without asking for anything in return. In my case that’s useful information, case studies, quick videos and more.

What seems to work best is video based marketing, whether it’s tutorials, reviews, testimonials; something a person can absorb quickly. Of course you’ll want to point viewers to your product or service to learn more. Video based content is easy to create, valued highly and well received.

A strategy I like to use are video series. I like to create videos with follow ups, such as “Tutorial Part 1 of 7“, keeping viewers glued to their screen, subscribed and waiting for follow up videos. It’s fun to create video series, to add cliff hangers or hooks to your content.

When done correctly Value Based Marketing trumps any other sort of marketing. Now add in series of content, subscribed viewers and quickly trust is built and you’re selling more products. It’s that easy!