Wanted: Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman & James McAvoy! High-Five!

The Weekend Movie Review: “Wanted” by Timur Bekmambetov

headshotI don’t get the movie title but if I were to sum up the movie in a few words, it would be “BOOM HEADSHOT!”. Seriously though if you’re looking for a movie with a lot of action, some comedy and of course sexy Angelina Jolie then “Wanted” is for you!

From the get go you get sucked in with it’s dark comedy, a pathetic life of Wesley Gibson who’s best friend is doing his girl friend, his office manager is a total bitch, his lack of cash and then there are his panic attacks.

While getting a refill of his panic attack meds, he gets a visit from the sly and sexy ‘Fox’, “Angelina Jolie”.

Angelina Jolie

She let’s him know that his father who he hasn’t seen since he was a week old recently died and the person that killed him was behind him.

That’s when all hell breaks loose and the deception begins.

I don’t want to give away the movie, but be ready for some twist, super human abilities, lots of head shots and more of Angelina Jolie. And I want to emphasis Jolie. For some reason I liked her even more in this movie then any other movie I’ve seen her in. I don’t know what it is, but I liked it.

Okay, so a great movie I enjoyed a lot, I give it a 8.9 out of 10!

Lots of action, great story, excellent ending, a solid movie! Check it out!



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katie love

wow Angelina Jolie is awsome.


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