X-Men 3 Review

Wow! I’ve always liked X-Men but X-Men 3 was awesome!

Before I saw the movie, I read some reviews on it, like most reviewers, its either you loved it or hated it, there wasn’t very many in between. Ok so I’m like everyone else, I’m one sided on this, I Love X-Men 3! I’ve seen a lot of movies in my days, actually probably thousands (I worked at blockbuster for a few years) and this one is within my top movie list.

The things I think every great movie needs is a mix of all genres, we need drama, action, adventure, horror and comedy! X-Men had it all! From the beginning of the movie we saw the birth of Jean Grey AKA Phoenix, and the destruction of a fellow X-Men member.

Warning * I’m giving away the movie here; don’t read further if you don’t want me to ruin the movie for you!

x32X-Men DIE! What the hell is going on? I didn’t know they die in this movie… Jean kills Cyclops! She apparently turned into Phoenix, the evil part of her, and with her rage killed Cyclops AND Professor Charles Xavier … wtf… no one told me !

You can’t just kill Charles Xavier, your hero without a hint of warning…! This is the horror part.

When watching Jean turn into Phoenix, it’s amazing, remember Return of the King, the Elvish witch? This is what Phoenix reminded me of. When Jean turns into Phoenix, her eye’s turn black, her face becomes dark, you can see the veins in her cheeks, her hair blows in the wind, day turns into night, everything surrounding her is trapped in her grip, suspended in air, she can shred anything or anyone at will, like confetti! This is how the Professor and Cyclops die. This is freaking Awesome!

The movie seems to follow Jean, even though it’s about a cure, the cure for the ‘mutant problem’, and this seems to piss off the wrong people.

Magneto hears about this cure and forms an army of angry Mutants; they include Pyro, the Juggernaut, Callisto, Multiple Man, and some other ‘ponds’ as Magneto calls them AKA human shield. Mystique was turned back into a human as Magneto tried to rescue her. A rouge guard shot her with the cure. She actually saved Magneto’s life as the shot was meant for him.

x33The cure is a fellow mutant. This mutant has the power to turn another mutant back into a human. The bad guys ‘humans’ find out about this and extract the cure to create new weapons against mutants. Magneto’s army sets forth to crush the cure and all that gets in their way. The cure is at Alcatraz prison, this is where the big battle happens.

Xavier is dead, Cyclops is dead, Magneto’s army grows and the elvish witch queen is on the loose what else can go wrong? Emm I think that was about it well let’s begin.

The big fight between good and evil starts with Magneto’s show of power, moving the Brooklyn Bridge to easily access the Alcatraz prison, once done, his army moves in, we’ll actually just his mutant ‘human’ shield first, they are obliterated with cure shots. Magneto is powerless to stop this as the guns are made of plastic. Luckily one of his minions has shock wave power to break the guns, phase one complete!

x31They’re in the door and lurching forward when THE X-MEN ARRIVE!! A team of six: wolverine of course, Storm, Beast, Iceman, Colossus and Kitty Pryde. The X-Men form a line of defense protecting the cure, for some unknown reason; at least I didn’t get that point. They begin to fight Magneto�s army; by the way, Beast kicks their ass here, jumping around like an angry ape, twisting necks and breaking bones, damn! Storm is like a butterfly, and falls to easy; though she comes back we know this is the director giving her some help. Iceman and Pyro face off. Iceman seems to gain a mutant level and really turn into a man of ice; he kicks Pyro’s ass. Kitty and ‘THE JUGGERNAUT’ faces off, which becomes a game of brains verse brawn. This is where we hear the famous, I’m the Juggernaut Bitch! which was more then likely taken from the widely seen I’m the Juggernaut Bitch video; Which has flooded the Internet.

Anyways Magneto gets what’s coming to him, Wolverine, Beast and Storm come up with a plan to stick Magneto with the cure, and they succeed. Magneto loses all his power and runs away. The only mutant left that opposes the X-Men is Jean, AKA the witch queen and the only X-Men that can stop her is Wolverine. The Face off!

phonexJean turns into Phoenix, all hell breaks loose. She starts shredding mutants, humans, everyone in her way. She tries to shred Wolverine but his power keeps him whole. The rest of the X-Men take off, and it’s just wolverine and Phoenix. Wolverine inches closer and closer to Phoenix, it seemed like a hurricane was going on. He calls out to her, as his skin flakes away and repair it’s self; his jacket is shredded, half his chest is gone at some point, but then he repairs him self. Within feet, he calls out to her. She asks if he wants to die for them, and Wolverine replies, ‘no for you Jean, for you’, then he stabs her with his claws. She dies.

Storm takes over the school. Rouge cures her self for Bobby AKA Iceman. Wolverine drives off into the sunset in his motorcycle. Magneto resides in a park, playing chess. He attempts to move a piece with his power, it moves, barley!

X-MEN 4 BABY!!! Can’t wait! If you haven’t seen this movie yet, X-Men 3, go check it out, I’ve explained the story as I remember, I just saw it a couple hours ago. It was well worth the money.

Be sure to stay after the credits, there’s some extra movie! I haven’t seen it my self, but I’m told it’s well worth the wait! I can’t wait, probably going to see it again, tomorrow or the next day. I urge you to do the same, or just wait for me to post it up. I’ll try to get a clip of it.

4.8 out of 5.0

We’ll I saw the movie for the second time and waited until after the credits! I saw it! Charles Xavier is back! You hear his voice from another person’s body, in a hospital. He’s alive and there is plenty of room for X-Men 4! Do it! Do it! Yes!




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David Babylon
David Babylon

I hope you stayed after the credits. If you thought the Magneto teaser at the end of the film was good you’ll flip when you see what they have at the “true” end of the movie.