iPhone 3G – The Best Device Ever Invented?

The iPhone 3G! I don’t know how I survived without it; I mean for one it’s a GPS device. I used it for my road trip from Texas to Las Vegas not even a month ago. It’s the full blown internet with a real browser that works just the same as any other browser on a computer. It’s 3G so it’s fast and if I want an even faster connection I can connect it to a router and I get the same speed as my laptop. I can have emails pushed out to it every few minutes; the apple store is ridiculous with the amount of content you can download, free and paid applications worth every penny. And it’s my iPod! It’s an all in one device that keeps getting better!

Apple recently released a Firmware update. iPhone 2.1

Basically what it does is this:

  • Improves Reception
  • Battery Life Slightly Improved
  • Reduced Backup Time
  • 3G Browser Speed Declined Slightly (I guess to improve battery life)
  • Faster Application Installs
  • Less Crashes If Any
  • No More Keyboard Lag

It’s the best! I find myself sucked into it or my laptop at all hours of the day. To me it’s the best device every invented, I just wish for the next update they add a ‘cut and paste‘ feature and then I shall be complete. 🙂

iphone 3g



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