Making Money Online with SixFigureBoss!

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Woah! It’s been awhile!

The past several months have been interesting… LOTS of learning and implementing new ideas. I built a WordPress theme from scratch last weekend (first time), built several new Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages, Membership websites and created hundreds of pages of content for my other projects (including video content). There has been a huge focus on growing new businesses and building out existing ones… I could use a full time Marketer on my team.

I had some extra time yesterday so I added a new comment plugin to the blog (Disqus) which I like a lot because of the community feel it brings. I cleaned up the front end (index page), added a new cache system and a few other tweaks. I like the aspkin blog again!

I created a new section awhile back called, Make Money, and it’s still there. And I was starting to build out that section and then I realized something… I could expand on it greatly and create a step-by-step guide on making money online, and so that’s what I did! I created! A whole website dedicated to showing a person step-by-step HOW to make money online. Go there and enter your email address to get started.

Six Figure Boss by Aspkin

Make Money Online with SFB

And it’s not just another Affiliate ‘How To’ guide, like a lot of marketers put out… rather show you how to create your own products: eBooks, Membership Websites, Virtual Products and even services which bring in recurring income. Isn’t that awesome?

It’s been a big focus of mine and continues to be a focus as it’s awesome project. It’s something I can sink my teeth into and teach others how to make money online by creating their OWN business.

The thing I love about creating new things, whether simple how-to guides or software… I learn a lot in the process. I gain a lot of skills that I can apply to other parts of my businesses. SixFigureBoss was a HUGE project, larger than all my other projects combined and it’s impact could be huge. The skills I gained will make all my other works more awesome… I’m excited for what’s to come. 🙂

Talk soon!

2009 Reflection / 2010 Goals

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It’s the last day of the year.. so what did I accomplish in 2009 / what did I learn?


  • Still being self-employed, that I very much like!
  • Finally finished the update to eBay Stealth! The best version yet. :  )
  • Bought a house, and got rid of a couple vehicles, plus bought another vehicle
  • Made some good money in the stock market
  • Wrote another eBook (autoblogbook)
  • Started two more personal blogs
  • Restructured my life goals, and business doesn’t top the list anymore. :  )

What I learned:

  • How to BBQ!
  • That the best teacher is experience
  • Starbucks drinks have a ton of calories (except tea, I love tea!)
  • Plus a lot of other crap I forget :  )

In 2010 I want to…

  • Start a new e commerce website
  • Heavily get back into Affiliate Marketing
  • Get rid of a couple cars.. :  ) I can only drive one car at a time.. I don’t know why I have 4 cars in my name .. :p
  • Be a little more transparent online .. or go the other way and turn into a ninja, either or
  • Get the Mustang running again

2010Obviously I haven’t really thought about what I’m going to do in 2010. I usually don’t think of New Years as a new beginning. To me every day is the same. Only recently weekends became fun again. It’s the day most of my friends and family aren’t working.

Ah, ending on a sad note. :  )

The weekdays are when I get work done (huge to-do list); the weekends are usually when I take it easy.

It’s been a great year overall and I just hope it continues. Though one thing I learned a long time ago is that all good things must come to an end. One day there will be a change and the party will end. I learned that diversification is number one, and that relying on just one income stream is a good way to lose it all. Part of being a good internet marketer is to accept that all good things come to an end, and to be prepared for something new. At a minimum one should have 5 streams of online income to survive long term online. This can be compared to multiple eBay accounts for you eBay Suspension members. : )

Welcome to 2010 people!

2008 Reflection

Content: Type of Content, Usage and Results!

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This post is for the autobloggers out there…

Content: Type of Content, Usage and Results!

100% Original Content (You either write it yourself or someone else writes it for you. This content original with no duplicates found online, it’s keyword researched, ranks easily with a couple backlinks, and will bring you traffic depending on how saturated your niche is. This is the best type of content to have, but takes the most work to get.)

Hand Rewritten Content (This content is from an article you rewrite or you have someone else rewrite. It’s keyword researched, and unique to Google. This is similar to original content, but tad bits here and there maybe duplicate to Google, which is okay, nothing wrong with that. Hand rewritten content is usually just as good as original content as long as you have a few backlinks pointing to it.)

Plugin Rewritten Content (Plugins or software rewrites this content, depending on the software you use, it is most likely poorly rewritten, but passes Google’s duplicate content filter.. some what… Your users won’t like the content, but if you serve them up something else, like a nice video, or targeted ads with your content they’ll be okay with it. The better your tweak your rewrite plugin the better your content will be and the more traffic you’ll receive.)

Duplicate Content Unwritten (Either feed based or PLR articles, you’ll have to compete with other websites to rank for the same content. You won’t be penalized, Google doesn’t penalize for duplicate content they’ll just force your website to compete with other websites using the same content. Whoever has the most backlinks and better SEO wins and will be displayed in Google search results, the website(s) that do not have enough SEO juice will show up in supplemental results and will not receive very much or any traffic for the related content.)

Content without proper SEO is hard to rank for regardless of the type of content it is, especially if you do not do any niche or keyword research beforehand. Duplicate content can rank well depending on how your SEO is; you will not get penalized for the most part, unless your blog is clearly a spam blog. You want to create useful autoblogs full of useful information not only for your visitors but to keep your website from being labeled as a spam blog.

Pros and Cons of duplicate Content…

  • Google doesn’t give penalties to websites that have duplicate content; they just won’t rank the content as unique and will force the content to compete with other duplicate content for position.
  • Easy to get duplicate content…


  • It’s harder to rank in search engines with your duplicate content without solid backlinking.
  • If your website adds no value, and is later reviewed by Google, it can be deindexed as a spam blog, but this rarely happens unless you are clearly spamming Google.

Pros and Cons of Unique Content…

  • Google loves unique content. Depending on the content, you can rank easier for researched keywords.


  • It takes effort or money to acquire unique content.
  • It takes more effort in building autoblogs with unique content.

Pros and Cons of Rewritten Content…

  • Can be automated with rewrite plugins. Or you can do it yourself, or pay someone to do it for you.
  • Plugins can be tweaked for better results.
  • If rewritten properly, said content is just as good as original content.


  • Rewrite plugins sometimes leave unreadable content, which isn’t good for visitors or your Google results.
  • If reviewed your blog could be considered a spam blog and deindexed if content is poorly rewritten.

For those interested, this is a snippet from my new autoblogging eBook I’m working on. Hopefully it should be out in a couple weeks. I’ll post more details when I can.


A Summer Slowdown or a Seasonal Switch?

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Many people understand during the summer months there tends to be a slowdown in sales, but they don’t understand why. From my understanding it’s not so much a slowdown sort to speak, but a switch in demand from indoor products to outdoor products.

During the summer month’s people tend to be outside more often than in the winter months, and so they do more outside activities. A lot of people tend to go on vacation for example, or pursue more outdoors hobbies. The fishing industry as well as the camping industry has their busiest time in the summer months. Many other retailers by contrast, such as DVD rental or toy manufacturers have their slowest period then.

There are some industries that constantly have steady sales all year long. For example clothes manufacturers that sell both summer and winter ranges, or stores that sell essential products such as bread and milk, or newspapers. The sale of these products isn’t affected at all by the weather or seasons, because hot or cold, they are still needed by most people.

suncartoonSo in fact it really isn’t the case that businesses in general tend to slow down in the spring and summer months. The reality is that there are just different types of businesses and different retail sectors that are going through their own busy times. This shows us that to an extent many products are more seasonal than they might appear to be. Most people when asked to name a seasonal product would say ice cream. Obviously more is eaten in the summer then the winter. But it seems to be that all non essential retail products are seasonal to some extent.

So what can you do about it?

Like I say all the time being diversified keeps you going. I like to sell a mix of must have products and entertainment products. I find my entertainment products tend to sell better during the summer months and educational products do better in the winter months. If you’re struggling this summer, think about what you’re selling and how much of a demand it really is these days. Just know diversification is the key to success in anything you do.

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect product to promote this summer, I recommend using Google Trends. With Google Trends, you can compare the world’s interest in your favorite topics. Enter up to five topics and see how often they’ve been searched on Google over time. Google Trends also shows how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and in which geographic regions people have searched for them most.

For example here is a trend search for Nike Shoes..


As you can see Nike shoes search tends to peak around August, obviously for the new school year. And again around Christmas for gift giving. That’s when you’ll see the most sales for Nike shoes.


Okay now we look at fishing equipment. As you can seed during the summer months is when fish equipment is more popular, but during the winter months it’s pretty much an afterthought.

Give Google Trends a try and see how you’ll do this summer.

Good luck everyone!

Okay, I Can’t Hold My Excitement Any Longer!

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Hehe, either it’s the second shot of Monster energy in me, or I’m just excited about my next eBook I’m working on! Not only do I love doing eBooks now, even though I hate writing, but I love the fact that when writing an eBook I learn so much more about the subject it makes it all worth it.

So I just finished the first version of Webmaster Blueprint, an eBook about learning how to start on online business with your own website and how to market it.

I need to come up with a new tag line..

Webmaster Blueprint! The best damn internet marketing eBook out there, a Beginners guide to starting an online business and Marketing it for EXPLODING SALES! YEAH!!!!!! Bi*CH!!

monster_energyHaha.. Monster Energy is Awesome!

Ah, I forget what’s my new eBook about? The secret I didn’t want to talk about in one of my lastest post?

It’s for the lazy Black Hat Marketer! I find at times I’m a pretty lazy person, other times when I have monster in me I’m apparently not so lazy. Okay enough delay, my new eBook which is still in the research stage will be on Auto Blogging!

What is Auto Blogging?

It’s the process of setting up dozens, even hundreds of Blogs that run on autopilot!

If your auto blogs are setup correctly you can easily make hundreds even thousands of dollars a day with them. But it’s not an easy process! I want to stress this, it’s not all fun and games and not for a quick buck until you master auto blogs!

I’ve been auto blogging for a couple years now, and the blogs I have, some are doing very well and others are on life support with me reaching for the cord.

Auto blogging can be fun because you can watch and nurture your auto blogs into a money making machine that can drive tons of traffic to anything you want really.

If you have a business you want to promote, setup a dozen or so auto blogs and point your blogs to your business website. I used to do that when I sold virtual currencies for online games and it worked very well.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, add your affiliate offers all over your blog for sales.

Currently I like to presale a product with landing pages, also I have banners setup to promote affiliate offers and I collect emails to promote more products later on! It’s awesome and it generates me hundreds of dollars a day on autopilot.

I do a lot of things to make money online, and I found auto blogging and selling my own product seem to be the best bet for making solid long term income online.

I’ve been making money with auto blogs for literally years now… and that’s the way I like it.

I’ll keep you guys updated on the status of the Auto Blogging guide.

It shouldn’t be a long process like Webmaster Blueprint, hopefully it will be done in a month or two! Most likely two months. *crosses fingers*

My monster drink is making me crash so I must nap now.


Take the Psychology Today: Optimism/Pessimism Test

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Why? Because I Said So. 🙂

Apparently I’m Categorized as Cynical, Which is Spot On! Working Online for the past 5-6 years you tend to find out quickly there are a lot of bad people out there. Here are my results:

op test

Are you an Optimistic or Pessimistic person? For me, I truly believe the above Snapshot Report for me is Correct, but at the same time… I feel like the World is about to explode and I’m in the calm before the storm. Maybe to explain it better have you seen any of these movies before?

Yep, and I’m always the one survivor who has to save the world. Out of 99.999% of people that don’t make it, the Road Warrior and I have to fight off the baddies. But that’s for another post.

Take the test here: Optimism/Pessimism Test

BlogWorld Expo

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Today I went to the BlogWorld & New Media Expo. I usually don’t go to these conventions but since I currently live less than a mile away, I decided to go. My first impression for the three day event wasn’t great. I got bored the first 15 minutes I was there. I couldn’t understand why I paid $100 to go when it seemed they should have paid me. I mean there were about 50 booths of random companies, some I knew and others not so much, that all seemed to just want to push their product. But then I found the free stuff! Almost every booth had some free item they we’re begging to give away. I wish I brought a backpack I had so many t-shirts, sunglasses, pens, and other random items I couldn’t carry them all. Tomorrow I’ll be prepared though! I just got a free Paris backpack a few days ago, and I’m going to put it to good use! I’ll report back if I get any extra nifty items.

BlogWorld Badge

– The Copeac Money Grab Machine


The Famous John Chow

John Chow

iPhone 3G – The Best Device Ever Invented?

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The iPhone 3G! I don’t know how I survived without it; I mean for one it’s a GPS device. I used it for my road trip from Texas to Las Vegas not even a month ago. It’s the full blown internet with a real browser that works just the same as any other browser on a computer. It’s 3G so it’s fast and if I want an even faster connection I can connect it to a router and I get the same speed as my laptop. I can have emails pushed out to it every few minutes; the apple store is ridiculous with the amount of content you can download, free and paid applications worth every penny. And it’s my iPod! It’s an all in one device that keeps getting better!

Apple recently released a Firmware update. iPhone 2.1

Basically what it does is this:

  • Improves Reception
  • Battery Life Slightly Improved
  • Reduced Backup Time
  • 3G Browser Speed Declined Slightly (I guess to improve battery life)
  • Faster Application Installs
  • Less Crashes If Any
  • No More Keyboard Lag

It’s the best! I find myself sucked into it or my laptop at all hours of the day. To me it’s the best device every invented, I just wish for the next update they add a ‘cut and paste‘ feature and then I shall be complete. 🙂

iphone 3g

Semi-Professional Poker and Hurricane Ike

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As some of you know, I recently moved to Las Vegas, NV to try my luck with semi-professional Poker. Before I moved here I knew the basics of Poker, what I like to say 70% of the game. As I moved in I felt my level of knowledge increased to 80%. A few weeks have passed now I feel I’m up to 91% of understanding the game, and strategy of poker. So far I’ve learned to keep a watchful eye on Flushes and Straights; when playing sets don’t be too hasty to fold them even when a flash or straight is on the board, you could make a full house and recently not be play scared. If you’re playing scared, you’re easily found out and you’ll be out played every time.

Just an update on what I’m doing. I plan to be here for a couple more months and if things go well, I may end up staying.

As a side note, you may have heard of Hurricane Ike hurdling towards the Texas coastline as of now, what you probably don’t know is that the server that host this website is in the line of fire. Hopefully nothing happens, but just as a warning see below illustration for details.


School’s In Session!

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It’s that time of the year again, kids are going back to school and money is moving! It’s said to be the second-busiest shopping season of the year after Christmas. Kids need new clothes, shoes, gadgets, school supplies, books and lots of other things now! If you haven’t geared up already, it’s time to launch more auctions, and get your products seen by more shoppers.girls shopping

Keywords to focus on in your auctions should be:

  • New!
  • Fast Shipping
  • Easy
  • You

Talk to your potential buyers on a personal level, use ‘you’ a lot. Emphasis a fast delivery and how easy it is to use your product. If what you’re selling is NEW, say it! If it’s the latest gadget out there, let it be known.

Good luck guys! Get those sales going!