2009 Reflection / 2010 Goals

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It’s the last day of the year.. so what did I accomplish in 2009 / what did I learn?


  • Still being self-employed, that I very much like!
  • Finally finished the update to eBay Stealth! The best version yet. :  )
  • Bought a house, and got rid of a couple vehicles, plus bought another vehicle
  • Made some good money in the stock market
  • Wrote another eBook (autoblogbook)
  • Started two more personal blogs
  • Restructured my life goals, and business doesn’t top the list anymore. :  )

What I learned:

  • How to BBQ!
  • That the best teacher is experience
  • Starbucks drinks have a ton of calories (except tea, I love tea!)
  • Plus a lot of other crap I forget :  )

In 2010 I want to…

  • Start a new e commerce website
  • Heavily get back into Affiliate Marketing
  • Get rid of a couple cars.. :  ) I can only drive one car at a time.. I don’t know why I have 4 cars in my name .. :p
  • Be a little more transparent online .. or go the other way and turn into a ninja, either or
  • Get the Mustang running again

2010Obviously I haven’t really thought about what I’m going to do in 2010. I usually don’t think of New Years as a new beginning. To me every day is the same. Only recently weekends became fun again. It’s the day most of my friends and family aren’t working.

Ah, ending on a sad note. :  )

The weekdays are when I get work done (huge to-do list); the weekends are usually when I take it easy.

It’s been a great year overall and I just hope it continues. Though one thing I learned a long time ago is that all good things must come to an end. One day there will be a change and the party will end. I learned that diversification is number one, and that relying on just one income stream is a good way to lose it all. Part of being a good internet marketer is to accept that all good things come to an end, and to be prepared for something new. At a minimum one should have 5 streams of online income to survive long term online. This can be compared to multiple eBay accounts for you eBay Suspension members. : )

Welcome to 2010 people!

2008 Reflection

Autoblog Book!

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How goes it?

Yes, I haven’t blogged in awhile. No excuses, I know.

I haven’t been entirely lazy though; I just finished writing a new eBook called Autoblog Book!

I have been Autoblogging for several years now. It’s how I make about 50% of my income these days. I decided a couple months back that if I wanted to keep up with the times and create bigger and better Autoblogs I needed to write a guide on the subject. I find when I write about something, I learn new things I never would have learned otherwise.

I wrote another eBook about 3 months earlier called Webmaster Blueprint.

Before writing Webmaster Blueprint, I felt I knew it all about creating an online businesses. Sadly I was wrong, and in the process I learned new ways in keyword research, advertising, SEO, etc I never knew before. Its fun learning new things.

I plan on breaking Webmaster Blueprint into two parts, one on starting an online business and the second part on promoting it! Right now it’s just one large eBook packed with starting and promoting an online business, which is great, but an update is needed.

Anyway, Autoblog Book is a great book. I’m a huge critic of myself, and usually don’t like anything I do. Well with Autoblog Book, I’m actually very excited about it and so are my critics.

Here Are A Few Reviews I Got Back So Far!

I am an autoblogger. I’ve purchased WP Mass Installer, Caffeinated Content and Caffeinated World.

I’ve have over a thousand autoblogs. I’ve seen and used many ebooks, systems, software and theories.

This is by far the best book on Auto Blogging I’ve read. This manual details out exactly what you will need, how to use it and why. I consider myself and Intermediate/Advanced autoblogger. There are a few tips and tricks that I didn’t know. I will be using it to rework and upgrade my blogs definitely.

He also explains things not to do in the auto blogging world.

If you’re serious about making money online. For $37 its the only guide you will need on autoblogging.

– Rating: 9/10 MelfromBoD

This is a 38-paged autoblogging report. I won’t really call it a book, rather a report. Regardless, the wealth of information is priceless. The entire report is a no-fluff approach to auto-blogging. It covers EVERY aspect of autoblogging. From keyword research to the final promotion. Nothing has been left out. And the initial tactics discussed could easily be applied to your other non-autoblog sites.

There’s a horde of links to plugin sites, themes, optimum settings, etc for your wordpress. Everything has been discussed in detail, yet it does not get boring or prolonged.

In short, a great guide for everyone. If you’re in the autoblogging market, get it.

– lifetalk

There is no stone left unturned here and for the price, it is a steal. I have read $97 products with not even a fraction of the information provided here. THIS is what I would have expected of a $97 main ebook product. The tips and information are great! He tells you how to keyword research (not just tell you to do it, but how), where to host, how many blogs to host on an ip, what types of domains work best, what plugins to use, where to find themes, and so much more in such a small package. I’m surprised at how much information he was able to stuff in there!

I am an info freak and have read a lot of information online as is, and this is what the autoblogging wiki should look like. Literally. This guy had to put a lot of time into doing this so I think $37 is a real steal.

– 10/10 without a doubt. Jen Peoples

I just got Autoblog Book on Clickbank, so you affiliate marketers out there, you have something new to promote!

I’m still working on a logo, eBook cover and other graphics but it’s coming along.

My next update I think will be on eBay Stealth.

A few things have changed in the eBay world and you guys have been requesting an update, so that’s the next project.

Don’t get mad if I blog once a week until eBay Stealth 3.0 is out.

Check out Autoblog Book, and you affiliates get to work.

Thanks guys!

Okay, I Can’t Hold My Excitement Any Longer!

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Hehe, either it’s the second shot of Monster energy in me, or I’m just excited about my next eBook I’m working on! Not only do I love doing eBooks now, even though I hate writing, but I love the fact that when writing an eBook I learn so much more about the subject it makes it all worth it.

So I just finished the first version of Webmaster Blueprint, an eBook about learning how to start on online business with your own website and how to market it.

I need to come up with a new tag line..

Webmaster Blueprint! The best damn internet marketing eBook out there, a Beginners guide to starting an online business and Marketing it for EXPLODING SALES! YEAH!!!!!! Bi*CH!!

monster_energyHaha.. Monster Energy is Awesome!

Ah, I forget what’s my new eBook about? The secret I didn’t want to talk about in one of my lastest post?

It’s for the lazy Black Hat Marketer! I find at times I’m a pretty lazy person, other times when I have monster in me I’m apparently not so lazy. Okay enough delay, my new eBook which is still in the research stage will be on Auto Blogging!

What is Auto Blogging?

It’s the process of setting up dozens, even hundreds of Blogs that run on autopilot!

If your auto blogs are setup correctly you can easily make hundreds even thousands of dollars a day with them. But it’s not an easy process! I want to stress this, it’s not all fun and games and not for a quick buck until you master auto blogs!

I’ve been auto blogging for a couple years now, and the blogs I have, some are doing very well and others are on life support with me reaching for the cord.

Auto blogging can be fun because you can watch and nurture your auto blogs into a money making machine that can drive tons of traffic to anything you want really.

If you have a business you want to promote, setup a dozen or so auto blogs and point your blogs to your business website. I used to do that when I sold virtual currencies for online games and it worked very well.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, add your affiliate offers all over your blog for sales.

Currently I like to presale a product with landing pages, also I have banners setup to promote affiliate offers and I collect emails to promote more products later on! It’s awesome and it generates me hundreds of dollars a day on autopilot.

I do a lot of things to make money online, and I found auto blogging and selling my own product seem to be the best bet for making solid long term income online.

I’ve been making money with auto blogs for literally years now… and that’s the way I like it.

I’ll keep you guys updated on the status of the Auto Blogging guide.

It shouldn’t be a long process like Webmaster Blueprint, hopefully it will be done in a month or two! Most likely two months. *crosses fingers*

My monster drink is making me crash so I must nap now.


How to Motivate a Lazy A$$!!

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So you’re a self motivated person right? Let’s just say you are. But your friends and family are only motivated with fear and desperation. What can you do?

Well if you don’t have the time to inspire them into motivation, the quickest way to get them to do what you want, and this may seem like common sense, is to make them desperate!

For example: If you take a teenage boy to the middle of a lake and you throw him overboard. Okay, yes I know.. this is just an example. Let’s say this boy is very lazy. Okay so we throw him overboard and you hold his head under water. Again this is an example. Now this boy turned from a lazy unmotivated person into someone who is desperate and motivated into getting free. Ahh motivation at its best!

Okay, bad example.

But you get the point right? Some people can only be motivated with fear and discontent while others can be inspired into motivation. While everyone’s motivation is different it’s up you to figure out whether you need to inspire that person or fill them with FEAR to do what you want.

Usually I like to try a combination of both inspiration and desperation.

For example let’s say I try to get my brother to mow the backyard. He’s the laziest person in the world. What I would do is slowly bring up the topic during the day. I like the take the long sales letter approach. I give him a nice welcome in the morning, “Howdy!” (I’m from Texas) then sneak in something about the backyard being a bit high. I don’t say much more than that.

Okay an hour later he’s playing video games because that’s what he likes to do, I sit down with him and we talk about the game, I beat him a couple times and I say “hey that grass is still growing? Those were some fun times, mowing grass, fun times…”

I get it into his head about the grass again. I make it a neutral topic, not bringing fear into the picture just yet. Then later on I try to persuade him into mowing the grass because it could be a nice gesture towards our Mom. “Hey buddy, yeah you’re a hoot, fun gaming with you, hey you want to mow the grass? That sure seems like a great surprise to mother!”

I encourage a sense of excitement so he would want to partake on said adventure.

He’s pretty stubborn though and doesn’t budge from his firm stance of “nah”.

So I go into the desperation motivation I had as backup. Since I own the game system and game he’s playing on. I simply say, “hey buddy I gotta take my game system with me. It’s getting late and I gotta go home now”. I don’t live with him so I can use this excuse.

So now he has a sense of urgency and leverage if he mows the yard maybe I’ll let him keep the game system overnight. At this point he becomes desperate because he’s only level 45 on Call of Duty 4 and wants to reach level 55 to get the next prestige. So he begins to weaken on his objection over mowing the backyard.

I sweeten the pot by giving him 10 bucks and he mows the yard!

Yay! So you see, if I can motivate the laziest person in the world into mowing his own backyard… you can motivate a Lazy A$$ too!

Just know to motivate someone you have to keep all options on the table. You have to work both with inspiration and desperation to have the best results. And if that doesn’t work get your self a boat… take said person so the nearest lake… and … I kid..

Good luck!

Note: While he was mowing the yard, I quietly took off with the game system.
Bah! It’s Meh game system! Lol..

Semi-Professional Poker and Hurricane Ike

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As some of you know, I recently moved to Las Vegas, NV to try my luck with semi-professional Poker. Before I moved here I knew the basics of Poker, what I like to say 70% of the game. As I moved in I felt my level of knowledge increased to 80%. A few weeks have passed now I feel I’m up to 91% of understanding the game, and strategy of poker. So far I’ve learned to keep a watchful eye on Flushes and Straights; when playing sets don’t be too hasty to fold them even when a flash or straight is on the board, you could make a full house and recently not be play scared. If you’re playing scared, you’re easily found out and you’ll be out played every time.

Just an update on what I’m doing. I plan to be here for a couple more months and if things go well, I may end up staying.

As a side note, you may have heard of Hurricane Ike hurdling towards the Texas coastline as of now, what you probably don’t know is that the server that host this website is in the line of fire. Hopefully nothing happens, but just as a warning see below illustration for details.


Vegas Fun

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Here are a few pictures from my Vegas trip a week ago. I had so much fun I’m most likely going to move there in a couple months! Why only stay a week or two when you can live there! Hehe!

(This is where we stayed – The Venetian)venetian



(Partial Vegas skyline)


(eBay slots?)

(I like this picture for some reason… I took it as I was leaving to the airport)


Next time I’ll take more pictures! It was pretty fun, hopefully soon I get to live there!

iPhone 3G

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Eight hours in line to get the iPhone 3G and I couldn’t even register it until later in the day. Apparently all their servers were down; even iPod sync was having issues. It was okay though because I was very tired and just went to bed after my purchase. Later in the day I had no problems setting things up.

iphone line

It came in a spiffy Box…

iphone 3g

My Black iPhone 3G trying to Sync

iphone3g connected

It’s a very nice phone, I like it a lot. It makes it easy to stay connected to my websites and check email. And I like the Wifi feature it has, I can connect to local routers for even faster downloads. It’s pretty fast with 3G also. This is my first iPhone so I’m still figuring everything out, but so far so good!

Highly recommended!

Business Opportunities – Adult Toys – And PPC Marketing! Oh MY!

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So I just finished talking with a long term partner of mine. We’ve worked together for 3+ years on numerous things. I always help him out when he needs it and he does the same.

So he starts the conversation with:Lol I am thinking of making an site selling adult toys..LOL“.

And since the guy is in China, I say:Lol, you probably have good supply.

msnchatAnd so a great business partnership is born! We’ve decided it’s probably a good idea to work together. I can build the site, manage it, work will sales and make it search engine friendly. And he’ll do customer service, sales, and product supply.

Like I said I’ve worked with the guy for 3+ years now, he seems trustworthy and he started his business like mine the same time I did. He does the same thing I do now. So he’s a smart guy with the suppliers (virtual currency trader). So I think it’s a great opportunity to work with him and start something new.

SO! If you need some sex toys in the near future, you know where to get some!

I’m kidding…

Would you if you had the chance do the same? Or would you have to pass?


Also In my random blog bouncing today, I’ve stumbled upon an Affiliate Blog about Making Money Online through PPC. I’ve been working with PPC advertising for awhile now with my own products with great success, and I’ve been trying to do the same with affiliate marketing, I’ve found it to be challenging.

Only recently I’ve started to see success with a few Adwords campaigns I’ve setup. The only difference to campaigns that failed and to the ones I’m making profit from is making my keywords Phrase Match instead of Broad Match. I have narrow campaigns with limited keywords all targeting my Ad Variations, the only problem was since my keywords were broad and I didn’t have any negative keywords… I wasn’t converting at first. But now since making my keywords all Phrase Match it increased my CTR, lowered my total cost per click, and increased my targeting, which means more sales. Today with one campaign I had 3 sales making me $55.18 and it cost me $27.91, a profit of $27.27, which isn’t bad since I haven’t optimized anything yet.


What I need to do now is find out which keywords are converting, and which aren’t. Then I need to optimize my landing page, to make it convert better. Then I guess create more campaigns to bring in more traffic. Affiliate marketing is tricky, but rewarding.

Also I know this is small time stuff compared to the big affiliate marketers. To this point I’ve made most of my money from content websites. And thats fine and good, but the only problem with that is if you have a content based website with NO affiliate programs to promote, you’re left with less paying advertising like adsense. Having a high traffic content website is awesome because most of what you earn is your profit. PPC advertising you’re lucky if you break even. Even so I wanted to find a way to make money without a website or limited resources. If you’re good at PPC marketing, you can do that. And so I’m training my self. This is fun stuff.

Halo 3 Damage Disc Contest Update

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Halo 3 is still available until the 3rd of this month! I’ll pick the winner after the 3rd and contact you for details. If you still want Halo 3, here’s you chance! Simply leave a comment here and you might be the lucky winner!


Halo 3 Damage Disc Contest

Free Halo 3 Game!! (Scratched Non Working Disc)

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Well, just as the title says. Shortly after I bought Halo 3 from GameStop, I went to play some multiplayer with friends. I stupidly started the game before I moved the console to an optimal location for our multiply frenzy. When I picked up the Xbox, I reached under where the game DVD resides… and lifted the console in which I heard sounds of horror come from within the Xbox. Sounds as a game enthusiast you never want to here. I knew from that moment Halo was being viciously attacked from within the console. There was nothing I could do. Somehow when I lifted the system, it unbalances the game disc and scratches the hell out of it. I took pictures:


(Oh NOES!!)



So, instead of me throwing this disc away like I wanted to do, a friend recommended that I give it away. What kind of value does a scratched game like this have (which does not work)? Well, as a past Blockbuster employee, I know kids like to rent good games and return their scratched non working games all the time. Why? Well just for this reason! So, if you want a scratched non working version of Halo 3, leave a comment here and I’ll pick the lucky new owner! I usually don’t post often, so I don’t expect to have a lot of comments, so if you really want this game, here’s your chance!

P.S. I do not condone scamming Blockbuster for a new version of Halo. You’re free to use this game in any way you want.