School is starting! Website’s being designed! And War!

lifeschool.gifA lot of stuff is happening in my life right now. I have a lot to do and think about. Yet I find my self very much taking my time, and having more fun then I should; I guess because I’m about to start school again, and these last few weeks are all I have left of the summer.

But I’ve done a lot during this summer! I went to California and spent four to five grand the month I was there. I lived in an apartment for free too! I had my first major car crash! I took a train, and flew first class air fair for the first time. I went to Las Vegas! I fixed my Mustang, and now it’s a beast! I’m learning to play guitar! I’ve done a lot. I have so much more going on though.

SEO-Share.gifI’m currently working on a new website, based on World of Warcraft free guides and other content. I have someone designing that for me at the moment. Soon after it’s done I’ll be swamped with tons of work. I plan to create by hand thousands of pages of content for this site. I already have the content, I just have to upload it with the templates and SEO each page. I should be able to create 25-50 pages a day if I try hard.

Now that I think about it… I don’t really have a lot to do besides to finish creating my new site, maintain my existing ones, update this blog every once in awhile, and go to school.

Ah Yeah… My mom and brother and friends want me to help them with their sites… “You’re the expert!” BS! That’s okay; they’ll take a couple days each to create… I gotta teach them how to maintain it, and I’m good.

war bomb.jpgToday, Israel threatens to invade Lebanon, Iraq war seems to be coming to an end. Ethiopia is invading Somali, gas prices are still climbing, the US economy is weak, Bush is still president and it’s raining out side. The power of religion and money are evident.

(Lighting strikes) I’m turning off my computer before it gets fried.



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Hello Aspkin, my apologies if this is not the right place to post. I am interested in developing my own online store. I have a friend who did his with candypress and was told it is not good as you cant edit customers’ orders and does not have order history. Any suggestion? I need a tool for small online business and that does not cost a bomb. Will aprreciate any feedback.