Went X-Mas Shopping Today – Sort Of

paaaaacofeobkbda.jpgYeah so I noticed most people don’t care about my personal life and my random postings about this and that, I don’t care. LOl Today I post about how my second day of holiday shopping went!

I spent about 3 hours shopping today at Academy Sports + Outdoors and Circuit City, guess what I got. I got two part of shoes for me, one very neifty pair of K-Swiss Farben and a pair of running shoes, Nike Air Coos! I couldn’t find anything to get for anyone else, I was already planning to get running shoes but what the heck, why not get some real comfortable shoes too! One store down, now for Circuit City!nkanm-fv.jpg

I spend about an hour there, just looking over everything when I see a TiVO, I always wanted one and who can beat only $250 something with a $200 mail in rebate! So I grabbed that and almost got a South Park Season 8 for a friend but figured it would be wasted
because he has a TiVO and probably recorded it already. So I didn’t get it, and so my hands were full already with a TiVo so that’s all I got! 🙁

A run down..

I got my self two pair of shoes and TiVO and no gifts for anyone on my list. Sigh.. I think I’m just going to buy a whole bunch of giftcards for people and give
thoes out, I don’t know what else to give.

Oh well time to hook up me TiVO!



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