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  1. strange suspensions!
  2. Once again, i cant sell on ebay
  3. I tried making new sellers accounts with those CC's, it dont work!
  4. is the phone call verification by human being or by ebay auto machine?
  5. Introduction to myself sound familiar to anyone?
  6. An idea for no more suspension?
  7. Buying on ebay using a family member's account
  8. suspension miscategorization of digitally delivered goods
  9. if ebay account is linked to verified paypal account will ebay still want phone call?
  10. verify identity, how? - abusing ebay suspension
  11. Made an Account and it got blocked today
  12. ebay account suspended,i need help to sell again...
  13. eBay is now calling new account holders!
  14. Suspended from paypal/ebay and seriously upset
  15. old ebay acct suspended for linking PP, opening new acct w/ other PP on old acct
  17. Does the fake account have to be in the same city as i reside?
  18. Newer EBAY accounts now under intense scrutiny
  19. Disabling paypal account?
  20. New to aspkin.com Kudos and questions
  21. New to aspkin.com
  22. Use Wigix if account suspended?
  23. >> 4 Years ago (2003)--Ebay was Onto Sellers !!Per an Ebay EMPLOYEE !
  24. Whats the best way to have a Buyer suspended ?
  25. Chances of ebay unlimiting my parents accounts?
  26. Question about Starting fresh after my suspension
  27. ip addresses, trying to figure out which one counts
  28. New account advice ?
  29. login ebay using mobile phone..
  30. EBAY just gives me a generic response
  31. Paypal account closed. Paypal send me a survey
  32. Gmail and ebay link... What's this?
  33. Has anyone here been suspended for buying a physical item for a penny?
  34. EBAY can link you via IP & cookies even if the linked log ins are months apart!
  35. Story of a Paypal Limit within one week - take it slow when selling expensive items
  36. Ebay password retrieval process?
  37. Petition against ebay / paypal RE: Compulsary Paypal payment
  38. How long should I wait? 7 day suspension dragging on...
  39. Investigating the mysterious 'Abusing eBay' suspension..
  40. Indefinite suspension.
  41. Ebay asking me to link my PayPal account for verification. What to do?
  42. Ebay in Australia - Problem and discussion.
  43. Another story, your opinion needed :D
  44. How many violations until suspension? - does EBAY share suspension info worldwide?
  45. I got a letter from ebay suspension but what does it mean?
  46. Just got Indefinitely Suspended - Digital Item Policy Violation
  47. Can you use the same address of a suspended ebay account
  48. What's up w/ java?
  49. Can you be linked by using a very similar EBAY username?
  50. What would you do
  51. How many tries does it take?
  52. Created New Ebay Account With My Old But Real Information!!!
  53. HELP! Advice needed re: MC055 MC174 Ebay NARU on Powerseller 4 Unpaid Items
  54. My sweet revenge...
  55. Ironic that most people would have been EBAY allies here...
  56. getting backn ebay
  57. Using same paypal account
  58. ebay/paypal made me look like a THIEF!!!! - suspended and cannot access buyer info
  59. The light dawns, EBAY's motivations & Interesting Alternatives...
  60. Advice for taking over an older ebay account.
  61. Good news-account reinstated today!
  62. Need Some Ebay Advice
  63. Get suspended? E-mail ebay to get your account back!
  64. Account review OMARCP ??
  65. Linked again - how did they get me???
  66. trying to add credit card to paypal
  67. Suspended after 9 years of honest selling for no reason by Ebay/vindictive sellers
  68. Ebay Never Gives Up. Egay and Gaypal are married Gay couples.
  69. WOW Mass suspensions!
  70. im suspended because unpaid item strike.is it easier getting back? what i can to do?
  71. Will an inactive EBAY account be shut down if no one logs in for a long time?
  72. Where do I get the info for a new EBAY account?
  73. Help Stupid Mistake
  74. Live in TURKEY and Suspended About
  75. Doing Business As dba Suggestions
  76. if you use a real persons name?
  77. ip address
  78. Paypal question
  79. My friend works for ebay in San Jose
  80. 7 day suspension
  81. >> WHAT have You Learned on this Forum??--Please Share <<
  82. Can competitors get you suspended?
  83. I just got suspended from eBay and I need a game plan.
  84. Intentionally Getting Others Suspended...
  85. Just Got Suspended!! Can Any1 Offer Any Advice
  86. Never Buy 1 Cent Feedback
  87. Merchant statements
  88. Ebay- Senior manager Letter--Anyone ever Receive??
  89. Starting all over from scratch...
  90. 2008 EBay Suspension Guide (Basic Step-by-Step)
  91. Just got suspended for scheduling auctions
  92. 7 day suspended : what should i do? help thanks
  93. New paypal & new account, same name, can link to ebay??
  94. Having difficulty for selling
  95. A series of stupid decisions - some advice needed!
  96. Suspended. Need advice.
  97. Just got suspended
  98. Any legit way to use a purchased account? - Of course!
  99. Where Did I go Wrong...
  100. Register name of Ebay & PP