Stubborn As A Mule

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A Mule: No sorry, Kevin Bacon wasn’t in Footloose.
Guy: What!?, of course he was.
A Mule: No he wasn’t, you lose.
Guy: Of course he was, he was the star.
A Mule: Nope, you’re wrong. Look it up.
Guy: I don’t have to look it up, it’s common knowledge…
A Mule: Nope..
Guy: he was on the cover…
A Mule: Nope…
Guy: of People Magazine
A Mule: Nope..
Guy: when the movie…
A Mule: No…
Guy: Everyone knows…
A Mule: No
Guy: that….
A Mule: No!..
Guy: Kevin Bacon..
A Mule: NO!
Guy: was the star…
A Mule: NO!
Guy: in Footloose..
A Mule: NO!
Guy: It was a huge movie,…
A Mule: NO!
Guy: he was the lead.
A Mule: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! HeeHaw! HeeHaw! HeeHaw!

Yes… I was bored. 🙂

Ebay Makes Two Acquisitions and Cuts Existing Workforce By 10% – Wired

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Ebay has decided to lay off 1,000 employees which is a 10% cut from it’s existing number of employees. Besides cutting employee numbers eBay today also announced the acquisition of two new businesses : Bill Me Later (for $820 Million in Cash and $125 Million in Options) and two online classified sites based in Denmark for approximately $390 million.

While never an easy decision to make, these reductions will help improve our operations and strengthen our ability to continue investing in growth,

said John Donahue, eBay Inc.’s president and CEO.

Bill Me Later will work in conjunction with eBay’s Pay Pal, and the classified sites, and, will help them expand in Europe, says Donahue.

A report in Barron’s last month described the business as “deteriorating,” and rumored that the company might cut up to 1,500 employees.

The rumors also say that eBay is trying to sell StumbleUpon which they acquired for a whooping $75 million in 2007. With all the recent changes it sure looks like a possibility.

Please follow the link to read eBay’s announcement regarding employee layoffs and their recent acquisitions : Official announcement.

New Poker Strategy Working?

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If you’ve read any of my previous Poker post, you would see I have been having ups and down with the game. I Recently moved to Las Vegas to try my luck at Professional Poker. Right now I’m considered a Semi-Pro because I have a working job, and play Poker part time. My new strategy involves the the Pro look. Before I would walk in the poker room looking like a Vegas tourist, and I’m sure other players would think of me as a Donkey, a weak player. I consider my self a tight player, which is bad if there are a lot of aggressive players out there. Usually the aggressive player has all the money, but sometimes they get caught. Anyways, the pro look, what is the pro look?

Some go for the Cowboy Jesus look:

Chris Fergusion

Some show you the Poker stare:

Poker Stare

Others Just Play in what they woke up with:


So what I did was combine the Cowboy look, with the Poker stare and just woke up let’s put on some gold chains look into:


(Yes I suck at Photoshop)

And you know what? It seems to be working for me. No I don’t look like the above, but I have dressed more professional and I got a new pair of spiffy sunglasses. I’ve yet to lose the past week!

So is it all in the Look? I don’t know, but for me it’s been working, let’s see how long it last. 🙂

Kitty plays red light green light

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The funniest thing you’ll see all Day!

Take the Psychology Today: Optimism/Pessimism Test

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Why? Because I Said So. 🙂

Apparently I’m Categorized as Cynical, Which is Spot On! Working Online for the past 5-6 years you tend to find out quickly there are a lot of bad people out there. Here are my results:

op test

Are you an Optimistic or Pessimistic person? For me, I truly believe the above Snapshot Report for me is Correct, but at the same time… I feel like the World is about to explode and I’m in the calm before the storm. Maybe to explain it better have you seen any of these movies before?

Yep, and I’m always the one survivor who has to save the world. Out of 99.999% of people that don’t make it, the Road Warrior and I have to fight off the baddies. But that’s for another post.

Take the test here: Optimism/Pessimism Test

BlogWorld Expo

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Today I went to the BlogWorld & New Media Expo. I usually don’t go to these conventions but since I currently live less than a mile away, I decided to go. My first impression for the three day event wasn’t great. I got bored the first 15 minutes I was there. I couldn’t understand why I paid $100 to go when it seemed they should have paid me. I mean there were about 50 booths of random companies, some I knew and others not so much, that all seemed to just want to push their product. But then I found the free stuff! Almost every booth had some free item they we’re begging to give away. I wish I brought a backpack I had so many t-shirts, sunglasses, pens, and other random items I couldn’t carry them all. Tomorrow I’ll be prepared though! I just got a free Paris backpack a few days ago, and I’m going to put it to good use! I’ll report back if I get any extra nifty items.

BlogWorld Badge

– The Copeac Money Grab Machine


The Famous John Chow

John Chow

iPhone 3G – The Best Device Ever Invented?

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The iPhone 3G! I don’t know how I survived without it; I mean for one it’s a GPS device. I used it for my road trip from Texas to Las Vegas not even a month ago. It’s the full blown internet with a real browser that works just the same as any other browser on a computer. It’s 3G so it’s fast and if I want an even faster connection I can connect it to a router and I get the same speed as my laptop. I can have emails pushed out to it every few minutes; the apple store is ridiculous with the amount of content you can download, free and paid applications worth every penny. And it’s my iPod! It’s an all in one device that keeps getting better!

Apple recently released a Firmware update. iPhone 2.1

Basically what it does is this:

  • Improves Reception
  • Battery Life Slightly Improved
  • Reduced Backup Time
  • 3G Browser Speed Declined Slightly (I guess to improve battery life)
  • Faster Application Installs
  • Less Crashes If Any
  • No More Keyboard Lag

It’s the best! I find myself sucked into it or my laptop at all hours of the day. To me it’s the best device every invented, I just wish for the next update they add a ‘cut and paste‘ feature and then I shall be complete. 🙂

iphone 3g

So I Offically Suck At No-Limit Poker

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No matter what I do, I have no luck and lose. I’ll have pocket Queens, and raise it, some guy goes all in with pocket Kings, I lose. I have pocket Queens again, I go all in with a guy who has pocket sevens and lose to a set, he get’s a seven on the flop. I have pocket Jacks, the flop brings me a Jack, this guy goes all, I fold because there’s a flush on the turn, the river comes another Jack. The last hand today, I have Ace King, I go all in and two people call, one guy has Ace Queen and beats me with two pair. No luck for me. And then when I do have winning hands no one calls my modest raises. Bah! I hate Vegas!

What Am I Doing Wrong?

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This isn’t related to eBay or PayPal, or even affiliate marketing. It’s about Poker.

gambling-addiction.jpgBefore I felt I only knew the basics of poker, yet I was making killing at it. Every time I played I tripled my starting money, thus the reason I moved here (Vegas). The moment I move here and start playing again, I can’t seem to win more then I lose. I mean most days I win but when I lose, I lose big time! What’s the deal? I can’t seem to win like I used to, and the only difference I see is before I moved here I played very frugal. I didn’t beat hard even though I had the winning hand. Now I seem to beat hard and everyone folds and I get squat!

I think I answered my own question… I need to slow play things and trap people… Arg!

I’m going to do that tomorrow and report how I do.

Wish me Luck!

Semi-Professional Poker and Hurricane Ike

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As some of you know, I recently moved to Las Vegas, NV to try my luck with semi-professional Poker. Before I moved here I knew the basics of Poker, what I like to say 70% of the game. As I moved in I felt my level of knowledge increased to 80%. A few weeks have passed now I feel I’m up to 91% of understanding the game, and strategy of poker. So far I’ve learned to keep a watchful eye on Flushes and Straights; when playing sets don’t be too hasty to fold them even when a flash or straight is on the board, you could make a full house and recently not be play scared. If you’re playing scared, you’re easily found out and you’ll be out played every time.

Just an update on what I’m doing. I plan to be here for a couple more months and if things go well, I may end up staying.

As a side note, you may have heard of Hurricane Ike hurdling towards the Texas coastline as of now, what you probably don’t know is that the server that host this website is in the line of fire. Hopefully nothing happens, but just as a warning see below illustration for details.